Using HTML5 as a Web Technology For Mobile App Development Future

html5_logoEntering the field of mobile application development, web technology has powered development activities like crazy. By being entrenched in modern browsers, it has equally contributed to enterprise-level mobile application development. This blog shows how the advancement in HTML5 mobile app development has modified the development process. HTML5 comes with so many innovative features to benefit modern browsing needs.

HTML5 mobile app development is a favorable choice for designing web-fronted app for mobile devices. Being a cross-platform solution, HTML5 ensures designing powerful web pages that support a lot of different browsers. Designing feature-rich and business-centric apps that are extremely robust becomes as easy as pie.

HTML5 mobile apps are packed with all the required features that elevate performance and provide rich user experience demanded by different platforms. The advancement in HTML5 allows developers to simply make websites that can be converted into a mobile app. Developing an application with HTML5 is a quick process and requires less coding and maintenance. People who are well-versed with the knowledge of HTML and JavaScript can easily create an app that has the feel of the web app but is mobile-friendly. The advantage of mobile web applications is quick and no skill, in particular, is required in the specific language.

The greatest advantage to web-based approach is that users of any mobile device will be able to access the app and use it immediately. There is no waiting for the app to be launched and you need only a single person maintaining a single code base. HTML5 mobile app development comes with all these functionalities that allow users across all platforms access and use the app at ease.

Additionally, when it comes to offering real-time updates, mobile apps designed on HTML5 based technology wins the race as it does not require waiting for the App store to review and approve the change during the process of a software update.

Mobile Web Technology

The applications developed using mobile web technology are relatively cheaper and simpler. They are fast, easy to maintain and give developers the freedom to amend any kind of changes at a later stage. Designed for fast performance and a higher degree of reliability, web applications can be used on every device with the presence of a strong Internet connection. Being purely based on HTML5 technology, web apps can offer a look, feel and user-experience which is equivalent to that of a native application.

Owing to their performance and seamless platform integration, web applications are evolving fast and can certainly do more than expected a couple of years ago.The growing count of HTML5 programmers clearly indicates the current popularity of this technology. In order to allow HTML5 to reach its “run anywhere” promise, HTML5 app frameworks are continually improving the web development experience. So, you can say that HTML5 is all set to help design amazing and responsive apps for multiple platforms by saving one’s time and efforts.

Guest article written by: Nola Arney is a trained and experienced HTML5 mobile app developer at HTMLPanda who owns couple years of expertise in the required domain. She is proficient and holds profound knowledge of >HTML5 application development. Additionally, she is also fanatic about sharing her knowledge through informational blogs on her field of expertise. All her write-ups are well-written and meant to educate the user clearly.

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