7 Things You Have To Keep In Mind To Buy A Projector

Already decided to buy a projector for more entertainment but puzzled how to choose best projector for home? Our this post will fulfil all your queries. People, these days, prefer to have a home theater projectors than TV for watching movies and games.

Why so? Originally, projectors were in demand for business and education purpose only, but now they have become affordable and come up with hundreds of features to make its place in entertainment zone.

At home, you can watch movies, play games in 3D mode within your comfort zone. While buying a projector, many technical features must be considered. A non-technical buyer rarely know about that features.

Let us discuss 7 basic things you must keep in mind to buy a projector:

Keep Your Requirements Ready Before Searching:

Before going to search about projectors, you must be clear about your needs. Don’t go after, what others are buying, always go for what is beneficial for you. Need projector for entertainment purpose like playing games, watching movies, buy gaming projector with high resolution.

If you want a projector for commercial use, you can buy regular projector with excellent image quality or you can use gaming projectors also because such projectors are designed with amazing graphics and color effects which improves the visual quality.

How long lamp life is?

Lamp life? Do you know what this term suggests? Let me clear you first. The bulb used inside projector is known as projector lamp and, the lamp life is the expected life of the lamp. The maximum lamp life is of 6,000 hours.

The average life of a projector is 2,000 hours and is imperative to check. After knowing lamp life, you can easily estimate projector’s quality. If the projector has ultra short throw feature, the video quality will be amazing.

Do You Have Deep Pocket?

After getting into the market, you will get projectors with different price tags. If your pocket allows to spend maximum and only quality matters for you, select ultra short throw projectors with HD 1080p resolution. For example, Optoma GT1080, Optoma HD-25LV etc. While searching the best projector for home, always budget comes first. There are some projectors, which includes all the advance features of expensive projectors. Some of them may not provide short throw and 3D view but they have high visual quality.

Is It Easily Portable?

Portability matters, when you need projector for business or commercial purpose and you need to carry it while travelling. Years ago, projectors were difficult to move as they were big in size and of heavy weight.

Now, projectors are coming in compact size and with a smart look. They are easy to set up and carry. You can connect and share data with projectors from your mobile and laptop by wireless medium like bluetooth.

Contrast And Brightness Range:

Now, the other key feature of projector is contrast ratio and brightness rate. The contrast ratio and brightness will tell you the difference between the darkest and the brightest parts of the image or video. Higher the contrast ratio goes, better will be the image display.

These are the factors on which quality of device is highly dependent. The maximum contrast ratio has move up to 3,000,000:1 which is significant achievement of technology.

The minimum contrast ratio is 2,000:1 that also gives good results. The brightness of 2000 lumens is very high and projectors are having much more than 2000 lumens. More the contrast ratio and brightness lumens, more will be the display quality.

Inbuilt Speakers:

When you are going through the features of projectors, always check whether, it has inbuilt speakers or not. Latest projectors have inbuilt 10W speakers having excellent sound quality.

Some have low quality speakers, which start creating noises and disturbances after few months. Be careful if you are looking for entertainment purpose.

Screen Resolution:

We generally say, we need HD display screen. Do you know HD is also of 3 types? Yes, there are 3 main versions (720p, 1080i, 1080p), which are usually available. 1080i is mainly used for the TV screens.

The projectors with 1080p resolution are considered to be the best HD resolution projectors. The gaming projectors are of 1080p resolution to give the best experience to their users.

The resolution of the screen is indicated by a number combination for example 1920 x 1200. It shows that there are horizontal 1920 dots across the display by 1200 vertical lines of dots. These horizontal and vertical dots make up the image seen on the screen.

Wrap Up:

In this post, we have tried to make you aware of the essential features of the projector. You must know these small things whether you are looking for professional projector or the best projector for home.

However, do remember the above mentioned features discussed in this post for guiding you about the best projector as per your requirements.

7 thoughts on “7 Things You Have To Keep In Mind To Buy A Projector”

  1. I think you’ve got everything covered here Emily. I would say contrast and luminance are key factors for price and buyers should really do the math well on that.

  2. I want to buy a projector so I can spend happy time with all my family and friends and have some truly amazing film nights, documentary nights and comedy nights too! Thanks for sharing these tips! Very helpful!

  3. I’d say, the biggest factor would be the projector brightness, 2000 lumens if you want it to work in daylight.
    Wifi and bluetooth are something that you might want your projector to have

  4. I am wondering that these tips are still very helpful. I would recommend to everyone who is looking to purchase his/her first projector or want to upgrade the low quality one with the best one. Thanks for this post.

  5. These are really helpful tips, EMILY. Will you mind if I give your article as a reference to my writer? I have a blog on electronics gadgets as well.


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