Cloud Computing: Should You Outsource Or Be Doing It Yourself?

By now, we have all heard about cloud computing- the magical technology that allows for all of your own data and your businesses data to be stored via network rather than local hard drive. This allows people to access their information and apps remotely, from anywhere and at any time. But when it comes to outsourcing the infrastructure of the cloud or setting it up yourself, what is best? This article will give you the pros and cons of each.

Building It Yourself

Pros: The pros of building your own cloud infrastructure lies with the fact that your company is able to reduce the cost of the build significantly as opposed to getting outside help. This is usually the case when you do something yourself. The cost is almost always reduced.

If cost is not enough to sway you, there are a number of security concerns that users have when they decide to switch to cloud computing. This can oftentimes sway them to build a cloud computing system themselves due to the reduction of outside interference and compromise. Sensitive material has a chance of being safer in the long run.

If you do happen to choose this option, there are a lot of online resources that can help you be successful; YouTube tutorials, and more serious online cloud training courses for specific cloud platforms, like the Amazon AWS platform, are there to help your company succeed in this task.

Cons: Of course, like with everything, there are some cons when it comes to setting up the cloud yourself. The first con is that it, of course, takes time to do it. When you outsource, it might only end up taking a mere 24 hours to create, but with building your own, you are sure to spend up to a year to build and get it ready for use. This can be a major drawback to this method. Usually the convenience factors outweigh everything else.

Outsourcing Your Cloud Infrastructure

Pros: One of the first pros of outsourcing your own cloud features is that it is the least time consuming option and therefore, propobably the most convenient option. It also allows you to have someone else deal with any troubleshooting needs that you might end up having with your cloud environment.

The main thing is that you are allowing for your company to have the most help with cloud computing. Ultimately, it makes it a more reliable choice, with more help and expertise to be taken advantage of.

Cons: The cons of outsourcing your cloud are that with any network-based technology you are more likely to experience technology breaches. While this is not guaranteed to occur, it is definitely more likely than building it yourself.

Another con is the cost can be exorbitantly higher when you outsource- any time you need extra work and expertise, you must be prepared to pay.

Whatever you might choose, whether building your own or outsourcing your cloud infrastructure, you are sure to run into some challenges. However, the use of the cloud is a necessary business discipline and a sure way to help your business out in the long run.

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