The Cloud, and Why Public Cloud Is Better for Your Business

Running programs, apps, and storing data in a cloud is no longer a tech novelty, but a standard business practice. It comes with many benefits both technical and organizational. That way, you don’t have to worry about losing important data or waste time trying to find the information you need.

Deciding on a good cloud provider is one of the most important decisions you’ll have to make when setting up your business. It will determine your workflow organization and help you manage the day to day business operations.

Public cloud servers

Public clouds have been around the longest and they are very well established in both business and popular conciseness. In fact, when most people think of the cloud, it’s a public cloud they are thinking of. Public cloud servers are hosted by providers that rent pre-designed services to the users. That way, the users pay only for the services they are getting, like when they buy electricity or other utilities.

They are best suited for those who don’t need full control of every aspect of cloud hosting and don’t want to worry about day to day management of the servers. Most businesses fit this description.

Private cloud servers

A private cloud is the opposite option. It still comes with all the benefits of a cloud, that an ordinary business would want or need, but it allows the private users to have more control. Because all the information is now located on the premises, a business using the cloud gets to decide about security and access options.

This also comes with additional problems because now care and maintenances of the servers are your responsibility, although the technical details of this process could be outsourced.

The hybrid

As the name implies, hybrid clouds are the combination of the two, using both public and private servers. This means that it has the benefits of both options as well as their downfalls. Using both options at once could be redundant but it’s also safer to use them individually.
The model you choose will mostly depend on the type of business you’re running and what kind of data are you working with. You could use a private option for active data while using the public one for backup only. Another option is to divide the data based on how sensitive it is.

Which one works best for your busines

There’s no clear answer to this question because the choice of your IT-cloud solution mostly depends on the type of business you’re running. And it’s a fact that the majority of SMEs are running their business operations in the public cloud.

Ease of use

It’s one of the most accessible options. Private servers confine their services to the office or the facility in which they are located. A public option allows you to use the cloud services wherever you are, which is especially useful if your job requires you to travel a lot and keep track of things in the office.

A variety of options

This is a growing industry and new businesses are being formed on daily bases. This also means that they are trying their best to attract new customers and provide new services in order to stand out from the pack. This isn’t the case for the private servers since they are better suited to only a handful of business operations.

It means that your package of services is going to improve all the time. There are two ways to go about this. The company you’ve chosen will continue to develop and promote new services in order to keep up or you can just take your business to the competitors.

Cost and time-effective

Using public cloud servers is more time-effective and it costs much less than the alternative. The contracts in this area are created in such a way that the businesses only pay for the services they are using. This is especially useful for small businesses that may not want or need all the services that are offered.

Setting up these servers only takes a few hours, which is much shorter than all the alternatives and backup isn’t taking any of your time because it’s not your problem.

The cloud has become one of the most important parts of every office set up. Using public cloud servers is probably the best way to go because it’s the option that most businesses benefit from.

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