Everything you need to Know about VPN

Do you want a fast speed internet connection? Do you wish to enjoy private network and have your data secured? Then you need a VPN buddy! But before you go any further, know what VPN is.

VPN Explained!

VPN is a personal version of a secure and classified network that lets you create a private traffic over the network. By connecting devices with a VPN, you can enjoy continuous communication irrespective of any digital and physical barriers in between. It is like a private lounge where you go around without any interference from outside. It provides the freedom of accessing your corporate or home network even if you are residing in another corner of the world. The best part is the security trait that makes all the data moving between your tablet, phone or computer securely encrypted.

Here’s how VPN works

Public networks are cesspools as they are all about Fire sheep, Honeypot attacks, and Wi-Fi-spoofing. If you are working with sensitive data of your organization then accessing it through coffee shop and Wi-Fi hotspot is not a good idea. It can put your job and company’s business at stake.

The VPN chooses the middle path and makes safety of users the priority. It involves using a private network that uses public network like the internet to get connected with users and remote sites together. Just like a Firewall that protects the data of your computer, the VPN gives you protection online. The interesting part is that VPN is actually a WAN that retains the same appearance, security, and functionality just like a private network does.

Structure of VPN

Usually, when the users connect to the internet, it lets them connect with Internet Service Provider and then it connects them with the website they wish to open. This internet traffic is visible to the servers of ISP, and they can view it through user’s ISP.

With VPN the scenario is a bit different. While using VPN, the user connects to a server which is run by VPN provider. This VPN server has an encrypted connection that is also known as VPN tunnel. It implies the data is moving between the VPN server and user’s computer is encrypted, and only the VPN server and the user can view it. This setup results in following consequences:

A bit slow speed but for better Encryption

The decryption and encryption of data need a processing power. The stronger is the encryption, the slower with being the speed of the internet. However, the latest computer technology makes this issue negligible. Another factor is the distance that the data travels to VPN server. This is influenced by the physics law that states the longer is the distance traveled by the data, the more time it takes.

Data Access to VPN Provider

As the VPN provider is sharing the data view, so it knows about your data. It makes you shift trust from ISP that usually has no interest in data or commits its protection to the VPN provider that promises your privacy protection.

ISP is Unaware

The ISP cannot see your data, so the data is technically encrypted. The ISP does not know about your internet activity because VPN server routes it. The ISP only knows that you have a connection to VPN server.

Internet Access is through IP Address Apparently

If a VPN server is in a different country, then you can easily access the VPN service as the servers are situated in various countries. If someone monitors you, then he may only be able to track you till VPN server. If the VPN provider hides your data which they claim normally, then your IP address remains hidden. It makes your real IP address invisible to the websites that you access.


VPN helps to connect you to the internet through a server which is run by a company that provides VPN services. It makes the data security encryption possible that results in:

  • Offering P2P download in a safe environment.
  • Gives you protection against hackers by using public Wi-Fi hotspot.
  • Provides you geo-spoofing that let you access the services that usually are unfairly denied on the basis of your geo location.
  • Happily evading censorship in your ISP, school, government, and work.
  • Gives privacy by hiding users’ activities from government and ISP.


VPN is one versatile tool that costs few bucks, decreases the chance of hackers, enhances the internet experience of users and gives you an ultimate freedom of watching anything online. It makes this technology worth-using as it protects the data from hackers watching eyes.

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