Where to Find Candidates For That Executive Vacancy

by Emily on December 6, 2017

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As your business scales up, you need to hire more people, and that’s never more important than at the executive level. Executives have a huge influence over your business, far more than simply the people who report in to them. They represent your business, both to the world and to lower level employees. If they’re inspirational, aspirational figures your workforce will be energised and motivated If they aren’t…a depressed workforce will lead to crushed productivity and a high staff turnover.

But where do you get the candidates to pick from so you can fill that vacancy with the best person possible?

Professional Network

Looking to your professional network is a great way to find promising candidates when you’re hiring. Your peers in business know you well, and can recommend people who are a good fit for your specific situation.

This means candidates are coming to you effectively with a reference already. Having that seal of approval from someone you trust means a great deal in the current job market, where making a new high level hire is a big investment – far more than simply the salary you’ll be paying.

Professional Recruiters

You need to be careful here: there are lots of recruitment companies out there and not all of them are a great fit for your company. If you look an Executive Search Firm London will have you spoiled for choice.

This means you can afford to pick and choose. Pick a recruitment firm that not only serves your niche but that you can have a productive partnership with. When you find the right recruiter, you don’t just notify them when you have a vacancy, you can discuss the situation with them to make sure you’re making the right choices.

Recruiters can advise on the state of the sector you’re recruiting in: what the job market is like, the sort of skills that people in the relevant role are expected to have and also advise on salary expectations.

While hires through recruiters come with a bit more expense – as you’re also paying for the recruiters expertise – they can really be worth your time. A specialist recruiter in your niche at the executive level will have access to a list of candidates that will be excellent fits for the role and help you take your business to the next level.

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