How to increase the range of your Wi-Fi

We all know the frustration of having your wi-fi router suddenly cut out on you or the annoyance of having to physically move to get closer to your router. Want to know how to fix or at least alleviate your problems with Wi-Fi? Here are some great tips to get that internet going!

Install your router in a high spot

When your router is closer to the ground, the signals that are being sent by the router often get interference by other electronics devices, metal, wood, etc.. This can easily be fixed by putting your router in a higher location where the signal won’t be damaged by anything standing in the way. Personally I’ve had times where my apartments stubborn landlord put her Wi-Fi router in the basement, after finally convincing her I moved the Wi-Fi router a nice little nook on top of a shelf and the speed increased by an astounding 1.1 Megabytes per second (Yes that’s right megaBYTES not megaBITS).

Buy a better WiFi router

This applies to pretty much anyone with a router older than 2012. You should make sure to upgrade your router every once in a while so the speed and signal strength remain constant. The older a router gets the more worn down the antenna becomes, the worse the core antenna the worse the signal projection and speed of the router. This applies even more for a gamer who plays first person shooters, in those games the difference between dying and living is literally half of a second. Having an old router simply won’t do, check out this guide by PandaTechie for more information on gaming routers.

Buy a Wi-Fi Extender

Sometimes one router simply isn’t enough. If you live in a huge house or your house has a lot of obstacles, you may simply need to buy a Wi-Fi Extender. Wi-Fi extenders work by taking the range of a wifi router and amplifying it. Wi-Fi extenders can boost the range of your wifi router by almost doubling it in theory.

Periodically shut down and update your router

Your router can’t stand being turned on 24/7 for a year straight. This wears down pretty much every electrical component there is in the router. By simply restarting it, you allow the router to chill out and rest. I have actually found people who haven’t restarted their routers in 4 years, after a simple restart the router range increased by what seemed almost a third of the house. Updating your router serves dual purposes, it serves to shut down the router for a bit and also to take advantage of bug fixes and software updates that your router manufacturer may have released. Make sure to do both at a good interval (Mine is about a month)

I hope you enjoyed reading this article, and that you will never be forced again to go through annoying router issues or wifi shutdowns.
Thanks for reading!

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