Keeping up the Pace with New Tire Technology

Tires might not seem as something too complex- Steel belts and rubber compound filled with air-not much more to it, right? But the truth is that tire manufacturers are constantly coming up with new technologies to help them build better and more durable tires. And with the pace at which these technologies are being updated, chances are you haven’t heard about the newest gizmos engineers have come up with. That’s why we have come up with a review of the newest technology that’s going to help you keep up the pace with the industry.

Radio-Frequency Identification (RFID)

New technologies, such as RFID, can help your tires become much more intelligent. The usage of these embedded electronics has become quite a trend in the entire industry. This means that, today, new tires can be identified by using a microchip that has been built into the tire. These microchips can provide you with an automatic reading of your tires’ type and size, which can be really handy, especially if you’ve just got a new car. In addition, every microchip has a unique identity number which will ensure that your tires can never be mixed up with somebody else’s.

Air Maintenance Technology (AMT)

If you want your tires to always be at their best, you have to make sure to maintain the correct tire pressure. When your tires are properly inflated, the fuel consumption reduces by 5% while your mileage can be increased by even up to 25%. Still, many drivers fail to check their tire pressure regularly. That’s why engineers have come up with new air maintenance technologies (AMTs) that do this automatically. This technology has been labeled as one of the best inventions in the industry during the last couple of years.

Green Tires

We all know that going green is extremely important today. Experts working in the tire industry are trying to do exactly that by working on bio-based alternatives for isoprene which is derived from petroleum. In other words, these tires will reduce the industry’s dependence on the products derived from oil. There are prototypes already and we could see the first green tires available on the market in the near future. Also, since every contribution counts when it comes to saving the environment, getting these will definitely be a good idea.

RunFlat Technology

If you suffer a flat tire and there’s no spare one in the trunk, chances are you will end up stranded until help arrives. But the new RunFlat technology allows you to keep driving at a reduced speed even if you have a flat tire. Tires designed this way are guaranteed to keep their shape and support the full weight of your vehicle even if they are punctured. Of course, having RunOnFlat tires doesn’t mean you shouldn’t have them checked from time to time. It’s also recommended that you have a specialist who offers wheel repair services inspect the wheels for you.

Worry Free Mobility

Cars are constantly becoming quieter, especially with new electric and hybrid cars. And one of the biggest reasons for this is the new types of tires that make much less noise than the previous ones. New Foam-in-Tire technologies allow electric and hybrid car owners to enjoy quieter driving without it having any impact on the tires’ handling, braking and resistance. We are guaranteed to see more and more technologies like this in the near future, and soon enough, there will be almost no noise to distract us while on the road.

New tire development is a complicated process and huge numbers of engineers are constantly working on them. The technologies these specialists come up with will surely shape the way we drive in the future.

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