Qualities and Attributes You Should Look for Your Web Hosting Service Provider

If you are someone who has an online platform for running their website, or you are someone who has a site on a free platform like WordPress and are looking forward to shifting it to a new domain and get your web hosting account, then this article is for you. There are plenty of web hosting service providers around these days, in fact so much, that one can easily get confused about which service provider to hire. However, web service providers can also turn out to be fraudulent, incompetent, inexperienced, amateurish or plain inappropriate and improper in their services. This warrants that one must be careful in selecting a web hosting service provider. In this article, you will learn about which things to consider before you buy a hosting package.


Can you trust the service provider that you hired? There have been, in recent years, a lot of scams and fraudulent activities relating to the website hosting business. Many people sign up for deals online without going through in detail about the company. People get lured by seeing lower prices and many people subscriber to hosting packages hoping that they will soon reap profits. However, soon they find that their accounts have vanished after a few months and the domain of the service providing company is longer active. As a result many people lose both their website and their money. Hence, you need to double check the company you choose, try to select a local business. Also look out for reviews and testimonials from people online who have taken the services of that company.

Backups and Restore

Proper hosting companies will be providing you with a minimum of at the least a backup and also restore of ten days. While selecting a hosting service provider, see to it that they will provide proper backup and restore for your website. There have been many instances when hundreds of websites on various servers of different companies have been hacked, and the providers have not provided any help to their customers and instead denied any lapses in security on their parts. Customers, as a result, were forced to start from scratch and develop their web pages again as they had no backups from which they could have restored their site. Good hosting companies will provide you with a month’s backup and restore. So, you must ensure to find out what the backup and restore the policy of the web hosting service provider is before you hire them. Do not rush in.

100 % of uptime

100% of uptime means 0% of downtime. Downtime means basically when your website cannot be available or found online because of a loss of the connection to that of the hosting server. Many hosting service providers invest in cheap and low-quality servers, and as a result, their customers will experience plenty of downtimes, and this means loss of revenue and thus a loss of profits.

There are various services available on the internet for free which will help you to monitor both the uptime and also the downtime of your site; you must have your sites registered for these services. They will give you an alert over email whenever your websites experience a downtime. In case you see that your uptime is lesser than 99% then you ought to get hold of a new hosting service provider.

Good hosting service providers provide 100% uptime continuously.

Support Service

This is a very significant and vital quality. You have to see that your host responds quickly to your problems and queries. You must pay attention to see how well the host addresses those queries and attends to them. Good host service providers will respond immediately and ensure total customer satisfaction. When some accidents happen, and accidents can happen easily, like getting your IP address blocked, deleting an important file, keeping files inside an incorrect directory, et cetera the host provider must immediately come to your rescue and get on to solve the problem. Thus, if you do not have good and proper support services then you will end up losing revenues, and consequently, your business will suffer.

Disk space and Bandwidth

You must not accept anything less than a minimum of 200 MB of disk space for the website; this would be the place where your site and emails will be kept. Regarding bandwidth, do not accept anything less than 1 GB of bandwidth monthly as the more visitors you get, the more substantial bandwidth you will be requiring. If the site runs out of bandwidth, then it will become offline. You have to see that this does not happen.

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Finding a right web hosting service provider can seem like quite an overwhelming task. However, with the proper guidance, it will be easy for you to select a right service provider. The strategies mentioned in this article can help you narrow your choice down to only the best service providers.

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