How RankBrain’s Artificial Intelligence Impacts SEO Strategies for Websites

RankBrain as the name suggests, is an Artificial Intelligence (AI) program used by Google to process the multitude of search queries. This AI assists Google in translating the written language into mathematical numbers known as vectors that the computer can comprehend. RankBrain is responsible for Google providing filtered search results which are more personalized for the queries made by searchers. To be precise, it makes queries more effective and accurate. Google RankBrain has the capacity to learn and identify new patterns along with revising SERPs based on its added knowledge.

Google RankBrain has been recognized as the most important factor in ranking algorithm since it was launched in October 2015. Therefore, the important question that SEO strategists ask now is how to incorporate it into their strategy and not what it is.

How Does RankBrain Affect SEO Strategies

The basic idea behind the concept of RankBrain is not to provide results based on literal sense of the keyword; instead, it uses the search inputs into the Google search box and interprets the implied meaning within the search. Therefore, content that provide relevant information on the implied meaning will be picked for the SERPs and not the content that contains the keyword words or phrases. Thus, to attract RankBrain, you will have to create a complex content that leads to the goal by covering various aspects of a single topic.

The following is the break-down of the strategy:

  • Plan with Google Adwords- Begin the process by using the keyword planner provided by Google Adwords. However, you will be targeting multiple keywords for a single page and not the other way round. Review the keywords list properly so that you can figure out multiple keywords which could be used throughout the blog post in various points. This will act as a cushion for your content because no matter whatever the search topic is, your content will cover every aspect of a single topic.
  • Delve Into Google Search- Once you have shortlisted keywords/phrases for your content, conduct an actual research on Google. You will find some more suggestions at the end of the search page and you can use those in your content as well. This will definitely provide an idea of what RankBrain proposes to do for Google. To be precise, you will develop insight into RankBrain’s brain.
  • Do Away with Keyword Stuffing- It does not matter whether you are using a keyphrase ‘n’ number of times. The idea is to create a content that incorporates keywords, both original and related ones evenly. The keywords should appear naturally with the flow of the content. If you are using an oft-used keyword, you will definitely be linked to other relevant websites, but if you use a unique piece of keyword/phrase you will get extra value for your content. Your page will the one that the others will link to.
  • Content Passing the Litmus Test- No matter how good a piece you have created, it does not make sense until it passes the litmus test of people’s expectations. Only after it passes the test will the content become relevant for your business or website and of course SEO. In case, you reach the top of organic search results, Google might offer users the opportunity to provide feedback about your web page’s content. The last thing will be to get rejected by the users even after reaching the top position for organic search results.

All these points indicate towards the fact that it is not important to learn about machine language or AI, but it is significant to learn ways to manipulate the ranking factors; as many as possible. You need to understand as an SEO strategist what Google is focusing on. It is focused on providing the best content for users or searchers. Make sure to check the analytics to find out how people are reacting to your content. Find out what kind of response is generated by your content. Are people sharing it on social media? Do not focus on the rankings, you need to focus on what happens after you get the clicks on your web page.

Google RankBrain like other Google updates is focused on providing quality for the user. The users are the people searching for relevant information. If you as an SEO strategist are focusing on providing the best for your readers, then your goal is aligned with that of Google’s and this will improve your search results.

Guest article written by: Arpita Bose is the owner of Nat IT Solved Pvt. Ltd., as well as a dedicated blogger on SEO techniques and their benefits for businesses. Here, she talks about Google RankBrain and how it impacts the SEO strategies in detail.

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  1. I’m really amazed with tips like these for they are not just informational, but also it provides some certain guidelines and updates as why we should be concerned about Google’s metrics with regards to SEO. Thank you for sharing this, I really appreciate it!

    • Thank you Jeric for your comment. As Google brings on new changes, we also need to upgrade our knowledge and implement the same. I will be writing more such posts in the near future.


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