Using Social Media To Build Your Business’ Reputation

We live in the era of smartphones and social media, so it’s only natural that businesses needed to adapt to this trend if they were going to be successful. Any business owner who tends to improve their brand’s name should build their reputation as an expert in their industry, thus attracting attention and credibility to their business. From Instagram posts to Twitter announcements, there are plenty of ways you can manage your social media campaign and become a reputable business thanks to it. Here are some of the best ways to improve the reputation through social networks.

Pick the Right Platforms

If you’re just starting out with your social media campaign, you should choose one platform that is the most suitable for your business. Once you become confident and proficient with social media, you can then start using other social media platforms as well. Start with a major platform, like Twitter or Facebook, after carefully considering which of the two your target audience is more likely to be using. If your business is about design, for example, focusing your attention on Pinterest or Instagram might be the way to go.

Respond to Comments and Feedback

Having social media means nothing if you’re not engaged in having conversations with your customers. If you can’t find the time to reply to all comments and feedback – you’ll be better of without even having a social media channel. There’s nothing worse for a customer than a lack of response, so always make sure that you’re participating in conversations. In turn, it will help you build brand loyalty and you’ll also get an insight into potential problems your business is having, which will help you address them while they’re at an early stage. If your customer is complaining about something, always try to engage in a discussion in private, because resolving it in an online discussion might affect potential customers and do damage to your reputation.

Write a Blog

There’s nothing like engaging content to make you appear as an industry expert and positively influence your reputation. Implementing a blog is extremely easy and it’s an amazing platform for any business to publish high-quality content and increase your client base. According to Websitesthatsell, you should always try to initiate a discussion and share your views on the new trends and experiences related to your field. Always try and create SEO friendly content because blogs are a great way to attract more traffic if you’re using the right keywords.

Use Humor to Your Advantage

For this step, you need to know your audience really well and you should always check a certain idea with your team. Something might seem funny to you, but maybe it’s way out of line or just plainly outdated. If you’re keeping in touch with trends, memes can be a great way to advertise your brand and be funny while doing it. Memes are very shareable, so if you’re using them correctly you should quickly see an increase in follower base. Try to keep the jokes relevant to your industry, because you’ll want to avoid your posts looking random or just funny for no other reason than that.


When it comes to your online presence and how frequently you’re posting and responding, always try to be consistent. Have a plan set up for what you’re going to post when you’re going to post it and stick with it. Posting 3 things in one day and then nothing for a week can be really bad because your customers will either block you or just forget that you exist. Find a perfect balance and try not to post for the sake of posting. The more you invest yourself in taking care of your social media account, the more it will pay off.

Fact-Checking and Proofreading

There are few things worse than posting something that’s clearly incorrect and having to apologize to your users once they point that out. Always check the facts you’re posting through multiple sources to ensure your reputation stays top notch. The same goes for spell-checking your content. Today you don’t really need a professional proofreader to check your every post for any spelling or grammar mistakes, you can just use one of the free spell-checking tools. This will ensure that you appear serious and trustworthy, which is vital if you’re looking to build a successful business.

Wrapping it up

Social media platforms are the present and the future of advertising, so you just can’t afford to stay out of it. However, you can do it properly and boost your reputation, or you can go the wrong way at it and lose your customers over it. The most important tip you can get when it comes to social media is to understand your follower base and to participate in conversations with them. By following these simple tips you can start your social media channel today and boost your business’ reputation in the days to come.

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