Four Ways Drones Are Transforming the World of Construction

phantom-droneDrones are the hot thing right now. More and more industries are looking to incorporate them into their operations. One industry that is really focusing on the implementation of a drone is the world of construction. On this page, we are going to discuss how they are going about this.


Drones are absolutely fantastic for land surveys. As you know, in the past, surveys would have involved a person walking across the entirety of the land, checking out every nook and cranny. Those days have long gone. Now, with a drone, everything can be surveyed from up above. This reduces the amount of time required to carry out the survey. It is also requires less labor. Those that complete an online civil engineering program may find that they spend a lot of their time operating survey drones and many prestigious organizations such as Norwich University are already starting to include the use of drones in their curriculum.

Improve Communication and Management at a Construction Site

Construction sites need fantastic management if the project is going to be completed on time. The problem is that when you have a large site to keep control of, it can be very difficult to keep an eye on everybody.

Many construction sites are seeing a massive boost in efficiency due to the implementation of drones. They are a great way for both supervisors and investors to keep an eye on everything that is going on. Data can also be uploaded directly to the drone. This data can then be shared with everybody that works with the drone. This is great for sharing information across large construction sites.


While drones are not capable of carrying the heaviest of loads, they can deliver some of the more important, smaller pieces of equipment. As anybody who has completed an offline or online civil engineering program will tell you, efficiency is the key. You want deliveries to be carried out as quickly as possible. A drone does not have to obey traffic laws. It flies. It can generally get from place to place far quicker than a van. It also reduces the need for a person to go and collect what they need.

Drones are also great if somebody is working at height and needs something to be delivered urgently. As drones become more and more powerful, it is likely that they will become more useful for making deliveries, which is something Amazon is trialing.

Construction Inspection

Finally, drones can be used to inspect the construction of a building. They are able to gather high quality video in a safe manner. They are used with a great deal of frequency in demolition projects. After all, when a building is scheduled for demolition it is likely that the building will be dangerous. You do not really want to send somebody in there to deal with it, as their life would be put at risk.

Remember; this is just a small selection of the ways in which drones are having an impact on the construction industry. As they become more and more technically sophisticated, the impact that drones have will be greater. It will be great to see how the industry develops over the coming years.

5 thoughts on “Four Ways Drones Are Transforming the World of Construction”

  1. It’s amazing how commercialized drones have become in the recent years when a decade ago, something like this seemed like a figment of imagination!

  2. Yes, the construction industry is definitely one sector of many that is starting to see more benefits from the use of drones. There’s nothing like having eyes in the sky and I think that point was definitely shown in this article. With construction, drones have helped with delivery, communication, and more efficient project management. It will be interesting to see how drones accelerate advancements in other industries and how strong of an impact they’ll have in the years to come!

  3. I am working in construction projects and i see drones are being used in many other works like spying, firefighting but the usage in construction is awsome.

  4. Drones are the future. Look at the iPhone as it first came out nobody really thought how that could impact our lives, but look how it is today. Drones are the same thing, but it takes a bit longer. Battery life and long range usage with live camera is not perfect.


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