Is wireless technology making industries safer?

We’ve been living wireless lives for a while now, with Wi-Fi now considered a necessity and cloud systems growing in popularity. While they’ve revolutionised our day-to-day lives, they’ve also made their mark on potentially dangerous environments.

Dust explosions occur in many industrial scenarios and involve the rapid combustion of fine particles. In an enclosed space, this combustion can cause major structural damage as a result of a build-up of pressure. If uncontrolled, the explosions could lead to injuries or, in the worst eventuality, death.

Before the advent of wireless technology, many companies would rely on wired explosion vent detection systems. Although these were effective, the systems needed to be hard-wired, which was often costly.

In response, rupture disc experts Elfab has designed and created GSM-Tel, a traditional explosion vent detection system with in-built GSM technology. This modern burst-detection system eliminates the need for a wired solution while still delivering instant notifications of remote explosion vent activation.

The system has been designed to interface with any of the brand’s explosion vent designs, including single, multi-layer, flat and domed constructions. The duel-channel, remote monitoring system is the first of its kind and specifically created for use in remote locations. Should an explosion occur, users will receive a customisable text message signifying panel rupture, notifying them of the incident without them needing to be adjacent to it.

Not only does GSM-Tel eliminate wiring costs, it has also resulted in reduced maintenance charges for companies. The alert system can be reused after explosion vent actuation, ensuring long-term reliability.

As technology continues to develop and we become more dependent on wireless activity across all areas of our lives, we can expect enhanced safety in the future. As you’ll agree, this is a wholly positive move for everyone connected to the sector.

3 thoughts on “Is wireless technology making industries safer?”

  1. I don’t think so. It has two faces.
    If not configured properly, WiFi hubs are easily compromised. Bullet proof security is needed to protect the network.

  2. Thanks for sharing such wonderful ideas. wireless technology are seriously creating a industrial safe zone.


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