Email Marketing Strategies That You Must Focus on to Achieve Better SEO Results

by Guest Author on September 23, 2017

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You are right – emails cannot directly boost search engine rankings. Then, why is it still considered to be one of the most efficient ways to boost a brand’s success in the online space? Well, Google is not actively crawling and ranking each one of the emails that you are sending out. Even if you have a massive number of subscribers on your list, there is still no guarantee that you will rank superbly on search engine results pages (SERPs).

However, as said earlier, email is still considered to be a highly useful tool to gain an engaged audience. In fact, experts opine that email can yield traffic in a way that no other marketing channel can compete with. If done wisely, email can help to enhance the effectiveness of a search engine optimization or SEO initiative.

Take a look at the often overlooked yet highly effective email marketing strategies that can give your SEO campaigns and search engine rankings a substantial boost.

1. Encouraging engagement through emails: You can send out a hundred emails at a time, with the hope that the keywords you have used in the email will somehow help you rank better. However, consider that with a campaign of effective marketing resources, you can rank higher even for keywords that you have not previously targeted. No, email does not help you to boost SEO rankings directly, but it incentivizes comments which can ultimately help you mold the factors that Google emphasizes in your favor.

For example, you might have written a great blog, and it might have earned you some organic traffic. Then, once you send an email regarding the blog to your subscribers and provided, the information that you have included in the blog is of use to your subscribers, the number of visitors to your blog can increase significantly. This means you will get more likes, more shares and more comments on that blog. It is always a good idea to segment your list of email subscribers so that you can easily identify the subscribers who are active with commenting and social sharing.

2. Personalized content is quick: Personalized content is important for getting better readership. They have higher unique open rates and higher click through rates than emails that serve generalized content to every subscriber. Always use dynamic content that is easy to scan through and understand. Also, the emails must be personalized based on the information about the subscribers’ that you already have. Interactive emails typically have elements that readers can engage with; even it is just a simple call to action (CTA) button. Now, search engine giants like Google also supports the coding standards that allow emails to be interactive. Moreover, let’s face it, from a reader’s perspective, interactive emails with personalized, dynamic content are more engaging and proves that the brand cares about its followers. This may even lead to you getting better reviews on Google which will inevitably improve your EO rankings.

3. Automation works for you benefit: Did you know that companies that use automation for their email marketing campaigns enjoy a higher engagement rate than the businesses that don’t use automation? Automating your welcome emails would be wise. When a potential customer signs up for your business emails, they are excited about the content they will receive from you. You, as a brand, can capitalize on this investment by providing the new subscribers with a cleverly and beautifully composed an automated email that would make them feel like they are welcome as a new part of your brand.

If you still think that email cannot be utilized to drive SEO results, you are probably going to be missing out on the many benefits of email marketing. However, designing a campaign that is guaranteed to drive results is not easy. Admittedly, even experienced brand marketers often get it wrong. In case, you are not sure what type of emails will work the best for your brands, it is time to update yourself with the knowledge of latest practices and trends that are driving the email marketing sector. You can also consult a reputed SEO expert Sioux Falls, who has much expertise in creating successful SEO campaigns. Be particular about determining what SEO initiatives would be best for your brand and how email fits into it. Ideally, you should use email on a monthly or weekly basis to help enhance the SEO initiatives you have put in place. Remember to the patient though. Good strategies do take the time to work, but they provide benefits for a longer span of time. So, wish you all the best and happy marketing!

Guest article written by: Jessica Smith is a reputed SEO expert Sioux Falls. She has created and executed successful SEO campaigns for renowned brands and puts much emphasis on traditional digital marketing methods, for example – email marketing. In this article, she discusses how email marketing helps enhance the effect of search engine optimization techniques, even though it is not apparently evident.

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