Joomla SEO services: Advantages of an affordable developer and customer review

Search Engine Optimization services are one of the most reliable resources to increase traffic on your website. Each website has its own set of hosts and extensions, and their SEO works differently according to their needs as well. Joomla is somewhat different from the regular set of sites you visit and duly so. Of course, the SEO for this site will also work differently from other sites.

What is Joomla?

Joomla is a relatively new website compared to its rivals. It’s a managed system for contents that is also open source. Over the years, Joomla has seen a lot of growth and has gained somewhat popularity. But the internet is not the same place either as it used to be. Slowly but gradually Joomla has established itself as a reliable option for users and businesses alike regarding works like website design, management, updating of the content, etc.

Introduction to Joomla:

If you wish to derive the maximum possible traffic from this site, you must keep in mind the different factors that are intertwined with it. You need to stay updated about the latest technological advancement that is required to operate Joomla properly and need to understand how the SEO works for this particular website and this article will provide you with all the necessary information. Of course, hiring a professional is always a more secure way of dealing with these things than to try to handle them yourself. A professional will not only guarantee value for your money but also make sure that your work is managed with utmost skillfulness.

Choosing the right hosting server for Joomla:

You have to choose a reliable hosting server specifically designed for Joomla. Getting a good hosting server will make sure that you at the end get a much larger traffic to your website. You can always find a cheaper alternative, but that is not something that is advisable as it will compromise on the quality of the services as well. Among all the hosting servers for Joomla that are available, Inmotion hosting is a reliable platform among them. It’s fast and compatible with Google, and you will find it very easy to run your website on it. You have to keep in mind that certain troubleshooting issues such as website lags can take your websites’ rank and analytics downwards.

Optimization of Joomla website:

Now it is a well-known fact that for any website to be successful, it needs to be on top search results on search engines and for that search engine optimization is required. Joomla is no exception. Now to do that, there are some things that you need to consider. Any SEO management starts with keyword research. A broad research on keywords can help you target the ones that are required to get the audience you want. You can use same keywords to your main keyword. Just make sure that your keywords revolve around the main keyword phrasing, and as long as they are being searched by your target audience online, you are ready to go. Google can provide you in case you need help to know about the type of keywords. You should use them appropriately to optimize your website and its content correctly.

Importance of search engine friendly URLs

There is inbuilt URL available for the site, but it will be more efficient if you chose some SEF components that are dedicated to providing more SEO advantages over others. There are a plethora of SEO plug-ins to choose from that can manage your URL and help in building links. For Joomla though, the sh404SEF is probably the best available option. It can help you manage troubleshooting errors like 404 errors and will inform you as soon as there are any reports on broken links and will continuously update you about the areas of the website that needs maintenance.

Importance of customer reviews:

Word –of-mouth reputation has always been important for any business to thrive. A client with a bad experience can be very harmful to business. Even online business is no different, and any poor review via social media or blogging can reach a lot of people and ruin the reputation of the service. The problem is however that with the new technological advancement and changing marketing scenario, a lot of business owners are still finding it difficult to get used to the whole process. For your business to maintain its good SEO, it needs to build good customer rapport not just offline but online as well. And not just negative reviews, even positive reviews can enhance business revenue. Any positive review will help gain optimization in search engine for that company website. Now there are different ways to gain reviews. They are not just important for growing SEO but also to understand the requirements of your customer, and it is sort of like building a personal relationship. Now there are options where you can use local search and sites that use GPS like Yahoo, Google, and Bing. And with positive reviews, you can get a better response from new visitors. Also, it is better that you always reply to negative reviews as well instead of just ignoring them.

Best Source Marketing SEO Company is the first of its kind SEO Company. With its help, people at Joomla can get a better picture about the analytics and a better understanding of the customers at a local level. Chatmeter works according to location and the website’s visibility quotient in that area and gives an accurate estimation about customer reviews.


Joomla websites have many benefits. Its web design section is filled with easy to use templates. With the help of a proper expert, you can create a website that will appeal to the people and draw in the traffic that you require. Read the reviews of your customer, respond accordingly, optimize your search engine content and let your website bring in the traffic.

Guest article written by: Joseph Francis is a well-known blogger and has an experience in working on search engine optimization and customer review critical for many companies. In this article, he explains about SEO and why Best Source Marketing SEO Company can play such an important part for your Joomla website and its SEO mainly. Readers can follow his works online.

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