Importance of Advertising and Branding for Your Business

Advertising and branding of your products or services are the different angles of a complete strategic marketing plan. While commercial businesses, firms, corporations, offices, and organizations create a brand to give a fresh look, a comfortable feel, and a message, by which they are going to be identified by their regular and potential customers; advertising is generally used to project the brand and its products to the customers using various media available at its disposal such as print media (newspaper, magazines, directory, business cards, calendars, banners, letterhead, brochures etc.), online media (social media, blogs, videos, pay per click, email marketing, forums, webinars, SEO etc.), broadcast advertising (Television and radio) and outdoor advertising (banners, billboards, posters, transit shelter, airport display, welcome gate, elevator advertisements, murals etc).

Branding and its significance

Most of the times we prefer to buy something from a well-known brand that we are comfortable with, instead of purchasing from an unknown merchant. A good brand can create a positive bond between its products/services and its customers. Branding is significant in marketing because it helps the public to remember a company and its products. By using this technique, a company not only retains the loyal customers, they are also able to attract potential customers thanks to their constant existence in public mind. Branding also gives the company and the product a distinct feel that separates them from other similar companies and products. The various elements of branding generally are a name, a logo, a specific color or a color combination, a specific jingle, a tagline etc.

How to use the branding elements to create a successful marketing strategy

If you want to create a successful brand for your products or services, you must remember that an industrialist should properly identify his customers, their needs, and demands, and adjust his brand’s image to those needs and demands. That is the only way you could be successful. You should develop a professional yet simple looking logo with an ‘easy to remember/pronounce’ name that could be suitable for your market. Make sure to create a tagline that aligns with your logo and helps you to spread the message you are trying to convey. You can also use videos, photographs, and stories that will evoke positive emotions.

Advertising and its significance

A good business organization should use advertisement to spread their brand image as well as sell their products/services to the vast numbers of customers. A recurrence of a brand’s image, jingle, and tagline can create an association between the customers and the company. Advertising is paramount for the businesses who are trying to manage consumers’ behavior because advertising is a measurable process for mass selling with a lot of scope. You should hire professional help such as dc advertising agency for effective results.

Creating a good advertising strategy

It is best if you use a story as your advertisement medium to convey your brand. Generally, it goes like this: a sympathetic person encounters a problem which can be easily fixed by the product or service your brand is offering. Some bold TV, newspaper and online advertisements can be published asking the target audience to act now and buy from the brand. This is known as ‘call to action (CTA)’. Implementing these strategies could give you an edge that will be appreciated by your customers.


You must remember that nowadays there are so many competitors using branding and advertisement as their tools; it is, therefore, necessary that your brand and advertising stand out from the rest by showing a powerful, unique, yet ‘simple to understand’ image of your company. Your primary target is to create an image and ad contents that will attract, connect, and retain your customers for your business growth.

Guest article written by: Adam Jones is a marketing expert and works at a dc advertising agency. He spends most of his time reading and researching about new social media marketing techniques and new digital platforms.

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