Incredible technologies in the field of medicine

Today, a branch of medicine is under development and scientists all over the world do their best to cure the most serious diseases, to help people with limited abilities and enable recovery of all types of tissues. In this essay, I would like to pay your attention to the most prominent technologies in my opinion. I focused on these ones since further researches in this direction can lead to a great breakthrough in this field. I hope you will enjoy this information as well as I did when I first found it.

1) Ghost heart. This technology is intended to help people with heart-vascular system problems. The essentials of this one lay in making animal heart transplantable. First of all, an animal heart is poured into a special liquid in order to eliminate all the animal cells except protein. Then, it is treated with stem cells of a certain patient. By means of this technology, it is possible to grow a new heart of the patient. The major problem of this invention is whether this heart will naturalize.

2) Artificial muscles. There are certain types of tissues that were unrenewable in our body until now. The scientists managed to recreate muscle tissue in order to recover it after being damaged. This artificial tissue is flexible as well as our muscles and able to perform the same functions. Unfortunately, this technology is currently under development and we can’t tell for sure when we such procedures will be carried out.

3) Bio glass. It is a 3D printed silicon-polymer combination that combines the strength and flexibility necessary to provide a viable replacement for human cartilage. This technology also possesses self-healing properties. Thus, if it was damaged it will heal itself and continue functioning in a usual way. This cartilage tissue can naturalize with a human body and become a part of a body.

4) Biolimb. This is one of the most considerable events in the world of medical research. The first scientific attempt to create a full-fledged part of a human body. The limb has been grown in the lab from living cells. It may go down in history as the first step to creating real, biologically functional limbs for amputees. An opportunity for all disabled people to live a full life without any limits. Unfortunately, this test was made on a rat, so in the nearest future, we should expect the first experiments with human beings.

5) Checkpoint inhibitors. This is a brand new technology intended to stop cancer from spreading and disarming your immune system. Little note. This year and the previous one, scientists dedicated to fighting cancer. These checkpoint inhibitors influence metastases and stop them from spreading and thus in the nearest future it will be possible one of the most horrible diseases in the world.

6) Custom joint replacement technology. 3D printed ceramic and plastic base joints are being designed to fuse organically with the human bones via a glue made from the patient’s own stem cells. In future, this joint will be able to naturalize with a human body and become its full-fledged part and overgrow with organic tissues.

7) MicroSensor Card. Nova’s new technology MicroSensor Card contains biosensors for pH, PCO2, PO2, Na, K, Ca, Cl, Glu, and Lac. Credit card-sized, the MicroSensor Card is automatically calibrated and always ready to deliver a full 10-test profile in just 60 seconds. There is no need to visit a doctor every month, you just connect to his or her computer and this card transmits all the data directly to your doctor’s computer. If this card reveals lack of any element, the information about it will immediately be delivered to the doctor.

8) Wireless brain. This is a spine interface enables primates with spinal cord injury to walk again. This technology was applied to animals but soon enough people with such injuries can be healed and freed from the chains of the disability.

9) Vetigel. Military technology that is intended to help soldiers during the battle. This gel should be poured on the wound in order to stop the blood flow.

As you can see a medical branch of science is under development. Modern medicine is intended to cure the severest diseases like cancer and HIV. However, disabled people also paid attention to. Multiple technologies created to renew lost limbs, broken bones and damaged tissues. Unfortunately, current stage of development does not allow to solve all the health issues but scientists all over the world do their best to achieve this goal.

Guest article written by: Melisa Marzett is an author of this essay. She is currently working on As you can see medical branch is in the high interest of her. Being a freelance writer she has to write on a great variety of topics but this work gave her great experience in the field of custom writing.

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