Organic SEO and Website Design – Find the Right Balance and Reap the Best Results!

When it comes to organic search and website design, you will find that both of them are linked to one another. This means that website design is so important that it does have a direct result in the visibility of your website in search engine rankings. Now, to ensure that your business website ranks well in search engines, it is essential for you to ensure that you hire experts that have their web design and online marketing teams in a single company. Isolated teams never perform well. It is crucial for you to remember that websites that have been designed without search engine objectives in mind are bound to lose rankings with the passage of time.

It is crucial for you to choose an agency or a company that works with clients across all industries so that they can design and develop websites that are created with the best SEO practices. The marketing experts should be involved in both the design and the redesign projects of the company from the very beginning, and they should always collaborate with the web designer when it comes to website creation that is SEO friendly. This experience will help you to gain a lot of valuable experience and insight when it comes to the direct relationship between the two for the web visibility and performance of your website.

Given below are two tips to ensure that your website design helps you to achieve good search engine optimization ranks –

1. Be aware of the factors you can use

The primary goal of search engines is to give you the best results they can when you search on their platforms. This is the only way they can make customers happy and keep them coming back. The equation runs like this- more users means more advertisers and more advertisers mean more profits. On a more practical level, you find that these search engines will always reward website that provides outstanding user experience to customers. The last thing that they want is to place a website on the first set of search results only to lose the customer when he or she gets frustrated with the results that he or she sees from the sites that are listed. When the experience of the customer is bad, there is no chance of him or her returning.

Therefore, the search engines will always insist on proper usability when it comes to the website that is being searched. The search engine must ensure that the site is a high-quality one and the customer should not be disappointed with the results that are listed. There is another advantage of good user experience says esteemed SEO company Dragon Advantage. They say that good user experience produces excellent recognition and rewards in due course of time. They produce a very high quality of inbound links and many social media shares. These factors, of course, are a good indication of quality. Search engines reward these websites, and today it is vital for you to ensure that your website is mobile responsive as these days people are using their mobiles to search for goods and services online. The mobile experience, of course, makes the online customer happy and this also makes search engines rank you high on their top list results. Always remember that if you want your website to be ranked high on search engines, it is crucial for it to be mobile friendly.

2. Website design for discovering content

This is the second significant tip for the performance of your website on search engines. They should crawl and index your site. It seems that search engines are sophisticated however they are not humans. They can only discover the content that you post on your website via links. In case, your site has broken or buried links, search engines will not be able to discover them at all. This will severely affect the search engine rankings of your website. It is imperative for you to create a site architecture that is very intuitive and allows user engagement for your visitors. It is crucial for you to understand that your goal is from search engine optimization perspective and the architecture should be made in such a way that it can be efficiently crawled. The internal links need to be distributed equally and of course judiciously.

These goals need to be both aligned and achieved. When it comes to the creation of efficient website architecture, it is vital for you to prioritize your most important content. This should include your top services and goods. The keywords should be framed accordingly, and you must ensure that you create service or product pages for them individually. This helps you to reach out to the targeted audience with success and plays a vital role when it comes to boosting your SEO page ranks as well.

Guest article written by: Christopher Lee is an online SEO consultant with Dragon Advantage and has over 13 years of invaluable experience when it comes to syncing web design and SEO for better page ranks of your website.

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