Why should other websites link to your content? The basics, reasons, and secrets of the trade

Search engine optimization may have a lot to do with design, codes and keyword placement, but that is not all. Statistics say that an average business website needs the link to about 30 to 250 sites to rank for 5 to 10 keywords. This makes you think – why should any website link to your content in the first place? Do you have the potential to claim 30 links? Can you ever get 250 websites to link to your site/page? Are you currently giving any website a reason to link to your webpage/site?

Put link farms out of your mind

Some websites do buy links from link farms. That makes getting 30 websites as easy as spending $50. Link farms are a result of automated programs and services that pool thousands of unrelated sites together. These websites link to each other creating one of the most primitive ways of Black Hat SEO. These were common and popular back in the early days of Google and Yahoo! Right now, PageRank is capable of discerning quality links from low-quality dubious ones you can buy from link farms. PageRank “understands” that some links might be more valuable than the other. Thus, although you might not face a penalty from Google, the link farm backlinks will not work either. They will be worth lesser than a single link from a reputable site.

How to start link building?

Website owners often discount social media and social networking platforms as potential sources of credible links. You should turn to Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+ and even some of the business directories like Google Local Guide and Yelp Elite. These links are verifiable and worth building. Even if you can build only 5, know that these are worth much more than the paid links you can leverage from the farms. You can also take expert help from Singapore SEO Company to start the task.

Sell your uniqueness

Don’t go around knocking on the doors of random strangers for links. It is a dog eat dog world and people, especially competitors, will not link to a new site just because you asked. You need to approach people who may take an interest in what you are selling. For this, you need to market your site quite tactfully. Here’s how you can do it –

  • Make sure your content is more than just good. You need unique content that inspires interest.
  • Your site needs to rank high enough for your readers to find it.
  • They should be able to share your website content with their followers on social media platforms and social networking sites.

Asking for links becomes much easier when you have some recognition. This will also give you a steady flow of readers/visitors to your site, who can share more content. It is highly likely that some of these visitors have websites of their own and they will naturally link to your site.

It is a fair trade

You can always approach related business websites and ask them to link to your site in return of your links to theirs. However, this only works when your site has a decently high PageRank. Off late, many black hatters were abusing the practice of reciprocal linking. Therefore, limit your reciprocal links in number, unless you want to attract Google’s wrath. To complete the barter successfully, check the following –

  • Their website is genuine with good content. They have a fairly similar PageRank.
  • Their content, product, and services have some form of connection with whatever you are trying to sell.

Share your content

If your site has excellent content, you can approach good business sites for content sharing. Make sure they are NOT competitors in any way. You can republish your content on their site as long as they link back to your webpage. This creates valuable backlinks. Google does not penalize this practice, and many popular magazines, newspapers, and blogs are doing this to increase their ranks.

You can also approach a high ranking site with fresh, unpublished content. This gives your content better chances of being accepted by the authority site. The website owner or moderator is more likely to link to your website when the content is unique and good. This takes more time than republishing old content, but it also has higher chances of success.

You know them, and they know you

This is the most effective of them all. As a business owner and website owner, you are likely to know people who have their websites. Now, you can always ask these veterans to link to your brand new website out of cordiality. You can also ask a client to link to your site because he owes you a favor. The links you bring to personal connections, friendships, good relationships, and favors are the most effective since your competitors are least likely to be able to replicate them.

Link building is most important in SEO and rank building. With so many changes rolling in each day, these link building practices provide a strong ground for stability. You can secure visibility, reputation, and readership with good backlinks.

Guest article written by: Jane Porter is a strategist working with some local and national businesses. Her work with the Singapore SEO Company has secured her a permanent place in the SEO hall of fame.

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