Five Hot Gadgets for the Tech-Savvy Photographer

A photographer’s biggest nightmare is taking off on a shoot only to realize that they don’t have the right equipment for taking the perfect shot. Whether you are an amateur, experienced, or a professional photographer, there is a world of cool gadgets, accessories, and toys to help you explore and build your passion.

In photography, your skills, creativity, and interest matter the most. However, your choice of tech gadgets and camera equipment is equally important. Your camera accessories depend on what photography type you do. Assuming you have found your favorite camera, the five gadgets below will help you capture, store, and print your shots just as you imagined them.

1. Tripod

The tripod is a classic device that comes in handy when you are dealing with long exposure times, or are carrying heavy telephoto lenses. It’s also vital for nighttime photography because of the long exposure periods needed to capture a photo in low light.

The type of tripod you need is dependent on your intended use. You only need a simple model for studio photography but a heavier, flexible one for outside photography that can endure diverse weather conditions. Besides, a tripod is cheaper and more efficient compared to image stabilization lenses. Cool tripod recommendations include the Manfrotto Neotec 458B, Hama Star 75, and the Heavy Duty Professional Tripod Ball Head.

2. Lensbaby SLR Lenses

The Lensbaby line of camera lenses combines your simple lens with a ball and socket mechanism useful in special-effect photography. The results achieved in taking photos using the Lensbaby SLR lenses mimic those of toy cameras (think the Holga). These lenses are also cheaper than tilt-shift ones.

The Lensbaby lenses are compatible with different lens mounts: Nikon F, Pentax K, Canon EF (EOS), Olympus Four Thirds System, and Minolta Maxxum/Sony Alpha. The three Lensbaby cameras presently available are Trio 28, Velvet 85, and Twist 60.

3. Epson Stylus Pro 3880 – A2+ Printer

The Pro 3880 is the perfect printer for A2-sized photos. The 17 inch-wide printer incorporates Epson UltraChrome K3® and Vivid Magenta Ink Technology – recognized globally. This printer for photographers is easy to use, prints on canvas, and can produce high-quality black-and-white and color images up to 17’’ by 22’’.

The Stylus Pro 3880 has the precision print head technology (MicroPiezo® AMC™). This one-inch wide print head has an ink-repelling coating that allows accurate dot placement.

4. White Balance Filter

The ExpoDisc Digital filter allows you to set your camera’s white balance effect easily. It is fast, convenient, and easy to use. Once fitted, the metal ring easily snaps into your lens filter threads making it a useful gadget for snapping landscapes. When compared to white card, gray card, or calibration target, the ExpoDisc white balance filter fares better.

The ExpoDisc custom white balance eliminates the need for JPEG or RAW post-capture color adjustments saving you valuable time otherwise used in photo editing. It also produces excellent and consistent color in artificial, studio, natural, and mixed lighting environments. With a certified 18 percent incident light metering feature, this gadget is a must-have for any serious photographer.

5. SD Card Storage

Although some cameras still use Compact Flash memory, many have now shifted to SD card storage. Panasonic and SanDisk have both released impressive 32GB cards that can hold a whopping 7,000 photos captured by a 15MP camera. The only flip side is that if your card fails, for any reason, you stand to lose an enormous amount of data. To avoid this, make sure that you backup your data frequently.

Photographers love their tech gadgets just as much as their cameras. With a broad range of accessories and supplies available in the market, figuring what’s worth buying can be overwhelming. More than simply a list of cool gadgets, this guide is designed to help both novice and professional photographers get their hands on the best devices they need for their art.

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