No Photoshop Skills? Easily Edit Your Images like a Pro with Fotor

Fotor is a photo editing software for Windows, Mac, iOS and Android that helps take out the hassle of complex image editing. If you do not have any experience using Photoshop, fear not, because you will surely appreciate the simplicity of Fotor. Best of all, the software is free!

Editing your photos in Fotor is very easy as the software comes with a plethora of smart filters and photo effects. This allows you to experiment with your chosen picture effortlessly. Unlike most paid software, Fotor is very easy to use and has a number of simplified suites of powerful editing tools. Even if you do not have any experience in photo editing, many of its one-click photo enhancements will help you get through easily. Once you find a result you like, you can quickly save or even share your edited image.

A useful tool that Fotor has is batch processing. This option allows you to save yourself valuable editing time by simply doing photo enhancements on a batch of photos. Here you can apply scenes, borders, and more to a batch of photos with just one click. Another tool you may find useful is collage maker. Instead of sharing a number of separate pictures on your social media, you can use Fotor’s collage option to put multiple images in just one frame. The best part is that Fotor allows freestyle collage which allows you to place your images anywhere you want, free from any strict layout or pattern.

One of the special tools you may want to experiment on and potentially unleash your creative side is the tilt-shift. The tilt-shift is an attachment used by seasoned photographers with their professional camera gears. The accessory enables a mixture of selective focus and blurring within the whole frame, often resulting in a miniature scene. Instead of a pricey gear, using the Fotor’s software can help you simulate the use of a tilt-shift, allowing you to freely experiment on your images better and much easier than the actual gear.

The Sophisticated Photo Enhancement tool it boasts of comes in 13 different 1-Tap Enhance Scenes that will intelligently touch-up the photos that you have. Since most photos aren’t taken in controlled environments, this tool comes in quite handy as it allows you to do the necessary touchups that will make your photos look like they were taken by a professional photographer.

Overall, Fotor is an ingenious photo enhancement software, allowing for fast photo enhancement and touch ups. Its support for a number of image formats, even RAW files means you can edit RAW images from your DSLR without having to convert them to JPEG first. Since the software is free, it means that you will get a number of Ads. Even so, the number of powerful imaging tools built into the software makes it all worth it. If you like how Fotor works, you can even upgrade to the Pro version that is Ad free and features thousands of exclusive content and advanced features.

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  1. that is pretty awesome app. Snapseed is also a pretty good app to edit photos. Anyways, going to try Fotor.


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