4 Ways to keep digital information safe across multiple devices and mediums

Digital information has taken the stage for quite a few years now in favor of the traditional approach to data which was pen and paper, followed by printed material. What this means is that in the near future, you could expect to see the majority of an entire base of information translated into digital format. Children might be required to purchase a tablet instead of books for school, and important business transactions might see digital signatures being exchanged on digital documents.

That being said, protecting important digital data is something that many are interested in. Depending on the relevance and important of a particular block of information, stored somewhere on a device, losing it could be more or less catastrophic. Let’s take a look at the best ways in which digital data can be protected.

Cloud services

A lot of times when digital data is corrupted or lost, it has something to do with the machine it was on. Cloud services take physical devices out of the equation by placing the sensitive data in cloud storage. Cloud storage is not as easily corrupted and it benefits from the protection of the service provider. Entrusting your files and data to a company like Google for example, via their Google Drive service, you are ensuring the protection of said files against anything that might damage your computer or tablet in the long run and subsequently damaging the information stored on them.

Data recovery tools

Another method for protecting files would be installing some handy data recovery software. Data recovery software brings the ability of recovering files that were mistakenly deleted or victims of outside forces such as a heavy rain that might have damaged the system they were hosted on. There are a lot of service providers such as EaseUS which are versatile enough that they can accommodate both light recovery processes as well as hard recovery tasks which would prove a challenge otherwise for a non hard recovery software.


Backups are a great way of making sure that data isn’t lost. By literally having a copy of a file, you guarantee the safety of the information stored on that file. There are considerably smaller chances of seeing two devices break at the same time thus damaging both file copies at the same time. Through file backup, you are setting up a safety net that can come in handy quite often, even when the health of a file isn’t concerned.

All of the above

One thing about file protection is that you don’t have to rely on just one solution. By applying all the solutions, chances of protection grow exponentially thus your files will be facing smaller and smaller chances of corruption, deletion, or getting lost.

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