How to Convert Mac Outlook OLM File to Outlook PST Format?

MS Outlook has come up with both Windows and MAC operating system. Although Windows and Mac support the same email application, the functionality and database of MS Outlook in both platforms are different. Earlier Microsoft Outlook was not a part of MS Office suite for MAC but had to be downloaded separately. Whereas Windows Outlook was a part of the Microsoft Office from the beginning. Both Outlook for Mac and Windows Outlook have their own advantages but some MAC users cannot able to access their OLM files on Windows Outlook. In this case, they decide to convert OLM to PST. Thus, in this article, we are going to discuss how to convert Mac Outlook OLM file to Outlook PST. In addition, we will also talk about why it is necessary to import Mac Outlook OLM to PST format.

Need to Convert Mac Outlook OLM File to PST

Before discussing how to import OLM file to Outlook, I would like to tell you the reasons behind this requirement.
If a user was using Outlook for Mac previously, but now he or she is using Windows Outlook program. Then, they need to convert OLM to PST.
When one has received an OLM file from his/her friend or a client and they don’t have Mac Outlook. In this situation, it is required to import OLM file to PST.
Windows offers a better option for communication with similar software that is why a user wants to transfer their all OLM data into Windows Outlook.

How to Convert Mac Outlook OLM File to Outlook PST?

To convert OLM to PST manually, you have to follow these four steps:

Step 1: Setup an IMAP account using Gmail

  • First of all, open the Gmail account.
  • Then, click on the Gear icon on right-hand side of Gmail account.
  • After that, click on the Settings button.
  • Now, click on the Forwarding & POP/IMAP tab.
  • Finally, check the status of IMAP Access whether it is enabled or not. If it is disabled then enable it.

Step 2: Add IMAP account to Microsoft Outlook for Mac

  • In this step, open Microsoft Outlook for Mac.
  • Then, click on Menu >> Tools >> Accounts >> Email.
  • Now, enter the credentials and other information in the vacant fields then, click on the Add Account.
  • After completion of the above process, check the IMAP Mail account.

Step 3: Create a Label in Gmail Account

  • For converting OLM to PST, now, you have to create a label in Gmail. For this, open your Gmail account.
  • Then, click on the Gear icon on right-hand side of Gmail account. After that, click on the Settings button.
  • Now, on the Settings tab, click on the Labels.
  • Next, click on the Create New Label option. Also, ensure that Show in IMAP box is checked.
  • After following all these procedures, go to your Mac Outlook and click on the Send/Receive option.

Step 4: Move Emails from Mac Outlook to IMAP mailbox

  • In this step, open Outlook for Mac account.
  • Then, right click on the mailbox item that you want to transfer into Outlook.
  • After that, select Move >> Copy to Folder.
  • Now, provide a name of your IMAP folder & click on the Copy.
  • Next, click on the Send/Receive or refresh the folder on Gmail to update the mailbox.
  • Finally, all the copied mailbox data items have been synchronized into the IMAP folder.

A Reliable Solution for OLM to PST Conversion

You will definitely able to convert OLM to PST manually but, these steps are very long and highly technical. However, the manual method is not enough to convert Mac Outlook OLM file to Outlook PST because this process poses lots of drawbacks like data loss, integrity problem, etc. Thus, for 100 % assurance of conversation and overcome the all limitations of the manual method, it is advised to opt a third-party solution like OLM to PST Converter tool. It can perform smooth conversion from OLM to PST format in just no time.

The Final Words

There are many Mac Outlook users who have faced the problem in OLM to PST conversion process. However, the above mention manual describe briefly in four steps that shows how to convert Mac Outlook OLM file to Outlook PST. But, the manual process is very lengthy and needs an advanced technical skill, so one can take help from the third-party tool. By using the professional utility, a user can easily convert OLM file to PST format without facing any problem.

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