5 Ways How Virtual Reality Helps Create Opportunities For Brands

VR is just the tip of the iceberg in this digital world , and while we become aware of all the technologies prevalent today , marketers are using this trend early and utilizing it to achieve brand objectives. VR is opening opportunities for new and existing businesses.

VR technology might seem intimidating because of its perceived cost and the exposure it has received from the users, however, there seem to no such industry where VR cannot be put to use. In Spite of being so new and complex , it is very convenient and accessible.

These days businesses provide shoppers with the ability to remotely interact with products places and brands. VR has the power to change the world as it blurs the line between a private web-based research and clients’ interaction with the business online/offline.

Here are 5 ways that VR presents to the marketers to engage their customers and create more opportunities for their brand.

International Expansion:

VR has made remote management easier which means business can now employ talent anywhere in the world. Virtual teams can be set up to support customers in any country regardless of their location.
VR has made international expansion possible for businesses such that they can establish themselves anywhere in the world. Also This has paved the path to sieve through the right candidates and give them a virtual experience of what their job would be like .

Retail Transformation :

VR has leaped a step further than other technologies to give the shoppers a whole new experience of try before you buy. This helps to save their time and inspires them to buy your product. The use of such virtual walkthroughs in construction, fashion , & real estate industries have provided these organisations an edge over the other industries in which gauging the outcome of the project becomes difficult.

Product Makeover :

VR has helped many industries to get innovative and more customer engaging with their products and services. This has enabled marketers to deliver their products to customers in a brand new style. Businesses can even launch their products with customisable option which in turn helps to strike a virtual conversation with the brand and the product. VR makeovers of your product boosts customer’s confidence in your product.

Omnichannel Approach:

Adding an omnichannel touch & experience to your brand can drive better engagement and increased sales and offer your customers a seamless experience. Omnichannel incorporation of VR can take shopping to a whole new level by creating a virtual world that VR viewers can experience in a simulated environment regardless of the device or channel they use to engage with your brand.

Virtual Yet Live Engagement:

One can be present in the real world and yet take the advantage of a realistic, 1st person experience in the virtual space relaxing in their couch. VR allows sellers to provide such an awesome experience that gives a real sense of what it would be like and sells it like no other medium. Using this live engagement medium brands interact with viewers by answering their queries and develop a stronger brand connectivity.

VR has already changed the face of digital marketing to a great extent. If you are looking forward to connect to a tech-savvy consumer base then VR should be your solution. By 2020 the virtual reality industry is predicted to reach $70 billion, and this is the cutting edge technology that we have been looking forward to in this decade of technical innovation.

Guest article written by: Aradhana works for [x]cube LABS, a digital strategy and technology innovation company working for Fortune 5000 and several disruptive startups. [x]cube LABS is a digital transformation agency that helps innovate and deliver desired market success.

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