How to Boost Your Brand Using Video Walls

In the era of smartphones, video walls are the best way to engage a large group of people at one time to promote a brand or promote a message.

The concept behind video walls is basic but very useful. The brand you are trying to promote will catch the attention of all the people who walk by it. It will constantly catch their eye as long as it is in their range of sight. Video walls can be quite large in size and too bright and animated to not look at. The idea that they try to send through the screen seems too important to miss. If a video wall is interactive, it increases socializing amongst the people in the area and engages them in small, non-time consuming activities. Video walls can be multiple smaller screens put together to form one large screen, which is a rare sight to behold on its own, regardless of the material is it displaying, and will always be the center of attention of everyone who is present in its vicinity.

In the case that the video wall has touch sensors, it makes for an immensely large touchscreen. Interacting with the message being displayed, promotes the message and leaves a strong subconscious effect on the minds of people who, although are not directed interested in the message, but by interacting with some part of the screen, the message or product will be entered into their minds subconsciously. Another way companies can use video walls to promote their brands is by drawing the audience to the screen by displaying that it is an interactive screen, and when there is some sort of interaction of the people with the screen, the message can be displayed as a surprise to the audience which will surely leave a lasting impression on the users.

Video walls can be customized and modified according to the brands’ necessities. The details regarding a company’s brand can be displayed on the video wall such that it makes a memorable effect on the consumers and target audience of the brand or product. The presentation, the software being used or what should be displayed when the screen has not been interacted with for a long time, can be discussed and changed to meet the brand’s requirements.

Video walls are increasing in number and can be seen being used by multinational brands such as Coca Cola, to promote their newly shaped bottle, or a new flavor of a drink. A new grocery store can be advertised using video walls by taking short surveys or polls, or presenting a mini-game for people to interact with while waiting or passing time. Video walls should be placed in prime locations, where there is a great flow of people, either walking past it or in waiting areas, train stations, airports or any other place where people are expected to wait or hang out. Video walls should be bright, in order to be eye catching and provide short messages that are easily understandable to passers-by and people who do not have the time to stop and listen to the whole message being transmitted.

Guest article written by: Mia Clarke is part of the content and community team at, experts in all things video wall and display solutions. When Mia is not spreading the word about video walls she is often found discovering the great outdoors, walking or cycling.

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