Why Your Business Needs Video Content

The world is becoming more digital every day, so keeping up with the trends of technology has never been more important for businesses. Social media has become the main platform for communication, not just directly through messaging or commenting, but what we see online is what we discuss offline with our colleagues and friends. Whilst most businesses have an online presence, the very best utilise that with video. Quality content will get traffic, shares, and spark discussion. More and more businesses are realising the power of film as an essential part of building brand awareness and promoting their services. The most effective video content is that which is digestible and engaging.

On The Go

Why exactly is video the future? Because all methods of communication are becoming increasingly more visual. People now often watch instructional videos rather than reading manuals or recipes when they need to make or fix something. What’s more, they are faced with multiple screens daily – smartphones, monitors, laptops, televisions, all of which are tailored to watchable content. Most people use their mobile phone every day, especially during breaks from work or a commute. Most often, this use revolves around browsing various social media feeds, articles, websites or forums that are related to their interests.

Video content is the single most likely form of online communication to appear outside its original domain and in social media or forums. Even a link to a video on the original website is more likely to be clicked than lengthy text content that appears directly on a social media feed. Video is digestible, especially when it is brief and requires less effort on the part of the viewer. This makes it more likely that they will watch to the end of the video compared to reading to the end of an article.

Online Potential

Video is possibly the most versatile form of digital marketing as it works with equal effect across multiple digital platforms such as all the major social media sites, corporate events and TV advertising. People don’t all access the same online content, so it is essential to employ a method that can work across the board to reach the widest possible audience.

The use of video can also be great for your measuring the return on your investment. One of the greatest benefits of digital marketing is that all activity is trackable, meaning that every click and share of your video can be recorded. Higher hit rates and number of shares or links to your website that appear on other sites will increase your ranking on Google, making you appear higher on the search results. As a business, it’s always going to be in your best interests to use a strategy where you can really analyse and measure the effectiveness.

The Personal Touch

Using video allows your business to tell its story in a far more compelling way than other types of content. Video provides a better picture of who you are as a company because it allows you to share more of your personality with your audience. Because video addresses the senses more directly, audiences are more likely to have an emotional response to what they see. Often, video can also communicate information more effectively than text, especially if that information involves technical or trade-specific language that might be difficult for the average consumer to understand.

The social media friendly nature of visual content allows you to reach a wider audience, especially those who may not be actively looking for the services your company provides but, upon being made aware of you, realise they may have need for them. Even those unlikely to be consumers of the services can play an important role because they will still share content they have found engaging, interesting or humorous, and those shares will spread the name and message of your business and allow you to reach more potential consumers.

Is Video Right For You?

If your business isn’t using video content, it may be time to reconsider. It doesn’t matter whether you think your business or product is suitable for a visual medium. With the digital world growing every day, it’s important to be part of it. The bottom line is that your business isn’t fulfilling its online potential without using video content, and the best content is that which engages and informs your audience in a brief period of time. With that said, keep your video succinct, be true to the spirit of your business, and you will reach a much wider audience than you thought possible.

Guest article written by: Kingdom Creative is an innovate video production company with a straightforward vision – to tell the client’s story in a compelling way that their audience will enjoy watching and want to share. Kingdom Creative have worked with clients such as Formula 1, the London 2012 Olympics, the Royal British Legion, Windsor Horse Show, Porsche, Bentley, Aston Martin and many more.

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