10 Insanely Clever Home Renovation Ideas to That Are Key to Ensuring a Fine Looking Home

Staying in the same old house for many years without making any transformations can be mind-numbing. It’s no wonder that home renovation is very popular among property-owners. Admittedly, we all love sprucing up our homes with adornments and other accessories that can add life to it. This gives us a sense of accomplishment and satisfaction. So, if you want to give your old home a face-lift, there are many home renovation ideas waiting for you.

What Is Your Remodeling Style?

Before choosing the details of your home renovation ideas, it’s important to have a complete idea in mind. If you ignore this crucial first step, your new design might lack cohesiveness. Furthermore, it might end up not matching the rest of the house or reflecting your personality. Consequently, take some time to decide what style suits you best:

Traditional Design

Old-fashioned designs are in style for both bathrooms and kitchens. They are homey, warm and inviting. They also have a timeless look, so they never really go out of style which could give you a resale advantage later on.

Modern Design

The geometry of contemporary design is very simple and clean. The materials chosen have a more industrial feel than a conventional kitchen or bathroom. For instance, countertops and walls may include concrete accented with rocks or even finely textured chrome, etched glass.

Transitional Design

For individuals who like the best of both worlds, a transitional design can be the best design. Transitional designs are a cross between modern design and traditional design.

Cottage Design

A cottage design works well for those in search of an old world feel. It’s often a bit more fanciful with exciting colours than the neutral colours commonly found in modern and traditional designs. In other words, if you want to be a little on the whimsical or even “funky” side, you might want to go for a cottage design.

Once you have chosen your basic design style, your other home makeover ideas should come much easier, and the finished new room should have a better-integrated flow about it. Here are several great home improvement ideas that you can use to transform your abode into a place seemingly built for royalty:

1. Dress Up the Walls

One of the least expensive home remodelling ideas to take on with the greatest impact to the interior design and overall look involves the walls. Being a dominant surface in every room, a change in the walls can easily recreate an entirely new ambience. Even with a shoestring budget, you can remodel your home by repainting its interior and exterior.

2. Replace Things That Require Ongoing Maintenance

One important thing to take into account before undertaking any renovation project on a property is if it’ll reduce the long-term cost of ongoing maintenance. If items like electrical wiring or plumbing are in need of constant repair, it’s best to replace them with something new to save money on costly repairs in the long haul.

3. Flooring

Give your dull wooden floors a new finish after all the traffic of being treaded on over the years. Or maybe this is the ideal time to take up the floor covering and lay some wood flooring down. Wood flooring cuts down on the buildup of dust that accumulates in carpeting thereby reducing allergens present in your home.

4. Soil Pipe Replacement

A soil pipe takes waste water from the toilet into the drain; it’s also common to have any wastewater from sinks, baths and showers routed into the soil pipe. Soil pipes might need to be replaced for a number of reasons, you might have a timeworn iron pipe that needs replacing with new PVC push fit soil pipes, or it might be easier to change a formerly painted soil pipe that has chipping paint with a modern, coloured PVC push fit soil pipe.

5. Build a Patio

Patios are paved areas similar to small courtyards. These lovely outdoor areas can be shaded by erecting overhangs or for a more natural atmosphere utilise landscaping with trees to provide shade. Patios provide a unique outdoor entertainment area for your summer and spring gatherings.

6. Replace Standard Windows with a Bay Window

Replacing standard windows with a bay window can add new life to any family room, utilising natural light and providing a more open feel. The bowed design that caused bay windows to protrude from the outer wall gives the illusion of more space. With the addition of the glass panes being fitted at angles, light is reflected and shines through, which adds brightness. Bay windows can also be fitted with cushions for added sitting space.

7. Get a Solar Water Heater

You whine every time the energy bills come in, and they keep going up all the time. How does an investment that helps the environment and saves you money on monthly bills sound? Having a solar water heater installed averages out at under the $2,500 mark, and it will pay for itself in energy savings in just a few years.

8. Embracing “Green” technology

Since everybody is now appreciating the importance of taking care of our environment, having green technology inside your home is a trick that sets the tone for your home improvement ideas. You can put together energy-saving light bulbs, efficient heating and cooling systems, eco-friendly cleaners and solar panels. Some of these may appear too costly for your budget right now, but it sure will carry you in the long run.

9. Refinish

There are materials in your home that will only need some refinishing to make them look as good and beautiful as if they were new. Home improvement ideas that involve refinishing are also great ways to trim down on spruce up costs as well as save you from the hassles of buying and installing new home features. Some of the areas that you may consider include cabinets, flooring, and countertops.

10. De-Clutter Your Home

Clever home improvement ideas can help you manage clutter and keep your home looking tidy. Extra cabinets and shelves go a long way in getting clutter organised. Packing boxes, baskets, sorters, storage bins and similar containers can hold your stuff, so you know where to find everything. Discard magazines, clothes and other things you don’t need. Keep in mind, the first step to having a beautiful home is to make sure it’s tidy.

Home Remodeling is a hectic undertaking, but it’s enjoyable to live in our homes after restoration. These are some of the home renovation ideas that you can consider when making your home makeover plan. Keep in mind that any home renovation project, whether complex or simple, needs planning and organising to guarantee its success.

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