13 Ways to Increase Your Conversion Rate Right Now

The goal of all sites is to increase conversion but it is easier said than done. However, having said that; if strategized to perfection and pursued with persistence, there’s absolutely no reason at all why the conversion rate cannot be increased and that too on a substantial scale.

Here below are mentioned 13 ways by which conversion can be increased right away with immediate effect-

1. Giving away

There’s indeed no better way for increasing your website’s conversion rates other than by giving away. Although it may sound a bit crazy and weird apparently, however, there’s no denying the fact that if you want to have great conversion rates for your site you have got to give it all to your customers and build a relation of trust with them. Some call it attraction marketing as you keep attracting the customers nothing short of like a magnate. It is absolutely free and natural i.e. organic for it brings about increase in visibility on SERP’s (Search Engine Result Pages). Thus, the more that you give away the more will the customers get attracted to whatever services and/or products that you are selling. Content is a great way to pursue this. It is not rocket science by any means or stretch of imagination that it would work straightaway but it would fall into place slowly and gradually with time.

2. Building a sales funnel

Anyone who makes a visit to your website at its initial stage is very unlikely to make a purchase or go for its services right away. It hardly happens like that. Here is why building a sales funnel is so very vital and critical for without a sales funnel there’s virtually no way to stay connected with the visitors and the end result being that the visitor is lost once and for all. By building a sales funnel what you also do is build a committed relationship with your customers which simply do wonders as far as increasing conversion rate is concerned.

So, for those thinking email marketing is a thing of the past, they are not right at all. You need to keep in mind that there’s nothing that comes for free in this world of today. You would require to offer something and that too of at least some value. Then only you can get email addresses from people and hopefully start building on a good and communicating relation with them in the following emails. Getting back to create something of value, well; it can be anything from eBook, an incredible offer, a report, etc.

3. Focusing on enhancing user’s experience

When a user visits your website, it is highly desirable that they have ideally a flawless experience. Aspects like how much content is below-the-fold and how much above and how easy is the site for navigating- all these small things count largely. All in all, amongst other things, you must ensure that you have font sizes and styles that are pleasing to the eye. Moreover, the layout needs to be top-notch as well in order to attract the users.

4. Engaging in A/B testing

More than an art, digital marketing has also gone on to become a skill that have developed a lot over the period of time. There is no denying the fact that A/B testing is probably the best way these days for testing your offers. The things like- A) How compelling the title of one page is compared to other? B) How large the “Big Button” should be made? C) What are the colours that you should use for the images of the product(s)? It can be learnt and mastered to be done by anyone and it will amazingly help in enhancing the sales conversions of your sites by enabling you to figure out what would work best.

5. Understand your buyers wholeheartedly

You need to understand your buyers from the inside out like what is their general average age group, what are their demographics, what are their hobbies, etc. in order to be in the driving seat of selling. Thus, it is of utmost importance to understand and judge the mentality of the potential buyers & customers in any and every possible way.

6. Building compelling offers

It is highly critical and crucial that the offers and discounts you give are well positioned and of very good value. Otherwise, they won’t serve your purpose of attracting customers and would simply end up in waste. But when offers and discounts are offered with great value, they are most likely to be taken and thereby build on your customer base. Thus, the most important fact is how much value is being delivered through your offers.

7. Build authority by helping others solve problems

Authority can be built over time by aiding others solve problems on a consistent basis by sharing valuable content in the form of written or recorded content. It is also very much possible to build good authority through online forums. The thing with authority is that it is a very slow process but a sure one nonetheless if and when done genuinely.

8. Leveraging the prowess of Influencer Marketing

Influencers can indeed do a world of good to your brand and this is now a proven fact. However, you need to be careful of choosing the right influencer in the niche to do the marketing for you in order to leverage out the maximum benefit out of the strategy. And the cost is a matter to look at as well.

9. Have a simple and secured transaction process

It is very important to figure out how easy is it to transact from your site? Are the users abandoning from the shopping at the very first or second step or just before making the purchase? And also, how easy is it to create an account on your site which is not only confined to desktops but also spreads to mobile as well as tablet devices? It is a no brainer that there are a lot of technicalities involved here but the better the users can be tracked the more likely are the chances of increasing the conversion rates, as simple as that.

10. Use reviews and testimonials to good effect and your advantage

Reviews and testimonials surely form an important part. Authentic and real-world reviews can do a world of good to you. At the end of the day, it is all about bridging the trust-gap with the customers and testimonials can end up exactly doing that.

11. Let your Landing Pages be devoid of distraction as far as practicable

The best landing pages really have very limited distractions. Thus, if you have distractions in your landing page it’s time to eliminate them for it irritates the user and takes a test of their patience and in turn does no good to you in any way.

12. Provide a great return guarantee

All the risks associated with the purchase needs to be removed if you want to entertain chances of increasing your conversion rate.

13. Leverage the power and reliability online trust portals-

There are numerous online trust portals that can be used to build the all-significant digital currency of trust.

Thus, by following these steps you can be certain of increasing your conversion rate.

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