3 Business Risks to Take and Avoid in Search Engine Optimization

by Emily on July 19, 2018

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Many business owners have a difficult time understanding how search engine optimization should be done correctly. There is a lot of misinformation on the subject. This is confusing to most business owners, and they are not sure about how to SEO their websites correctly. This is a problem that both small and large-scale entrepreneurs face today.

The need for creating an SEO strategy for the business

An SEO strategy should be formulated however it will take some time for the company to witness positive results. The tactics used in this strategy makes sense to those who understand SEO however most people with little knowledge of SEO fail to grasp how it works and why there is a delay in the results. With some understanding and awareness, SEO has the capacity to yield positive results for the company and establish an online presence for any brand.

Many companies are not sure about whether they should test out new things in SEO they are not familiar with. They are afraid of the consequences and most importantly, the losses involved. Small business owners are deeply afraid to take risks however experts in the field say certain risks should be taken- without risks, there are no gains.

Risks to take and avoid in SEO

Experts from esteemed company Harrisburg Digital Marketing Agency say that when it comes to the subject of search engine optimization businesses should take the following risks-

  1. Small and large changes- It is crucial for your business website to get traffic. This will result in sales conversion. If your website is not visible to others, you will get no clicks. It is here you need to do some trial and error. Get the layout and the content of your website correct so that people click on it and contact you for the service or the product you offer.
  2. Receiving and giving high-quality backlinks- Understanding the receiving and giving away of high-quality backlinks is crucial for you to understand that if you feature a link to other company do you face the risks of losing customers to your business? Backlinks are a vital part of search engine optimization as they help you to establish ranks and authority. Most companies try to get as many as they can. Likewise, when you feature links of other companies on your website, make sure that they do not belong to low-quality websites.
  3. Improve the URL structure of your website- Improving the URL structure of your website helps you to improve SEO for your business. The URL of the homepage should be short. The URL should be easy to remember, precise and short. When it comes to the subsequent pages in the website, ensure you target the keywords correctly and be very specific about the content of the page.

The above are three risks for you to take and avoid when you are working on the search engine optimization of your business website. Keep them in mind and gradually watch your SEO ranks increasing with time.

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Andy July 24, 2018 at 17:29

Well done, and I am grateful that you shared this “3 Risks to take and avoid in SEO.” It should be spread so that those novice or startup business owners should know the risk and how they can avoid it. SEO is a huge help as long as it will be used properly.


peek sharmaa August 20, 2018 at 09:05

Search engine optimization, one of the best methods for generating the genuine leads, very important for getting your website on the first page of Google.
I am in the field of SEO from last one year but the points shared here are very new to me.
Will follow the above shared points very soon for getting better results.



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