5 Apps To Hide Your Digital Footprints Online

by Emily on January 3, 2018

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Our lives are more on the internet than in the real world; we upload our emotions before actually realizing we uploaded our lives onto the internet to the point that now we cannot live without internet. An intelligent move is to use those online services that keep the data secure and private, but unfortunately, many of us don’t realize or consider the security of their data while using different online services; such insecure services are subject to multiple third parties that can view our digital movement right from the service provider to the Government.

At times we don’t mind this, but sometimes, it’s better to remain safe than sorry. We all have information from sensitive personal data to work-related materials, that we wish to stay protected especially when we share online.
We all are living an online life; it’s a high time to secure our digital identities to avoid the risk of data breaching and identification stolen. There are millions of ways to remain protected, no matter what device you use and wherever you go; live your digital life without compromising your anonymity and virtual life.

So, here are some of the best smartphone apps to hide your digital footprints online:

1- Signal

We love to communicate with a messaging app, surprisingly WhatsApp processes 20 billion messages a day. What if we say that those 20 billion messages are not entirely secure? Though many of our communication does not worth any protection it’s not always the same; we don’t want our intimate communications to be seen by third parties, we don’t share for them. How about a fully encrypted messaging app that never let your intimate and/or business communication exchange between unwanted authorities.

Signal is an encrypted messaging and a voice calling app offers end-to-end encryption and engineering to secure all your communications. Signal claims they can’t read messages and don’t let others spoof. It is compatible with iOS and Android and freely available with no ads, no affiliate marketers, and with no senseless tracking. Since it’s an Open source project, supported by donations and grants; you will get the fast, simple and secure messaging experience. Your identity and channel integrity are only two things that Signal keeps.

2- DuckDuckGo

Either to buy a car or to find the best dating spot, we use a web-browser to search for almost everything; it’s just a next door body to get the best opinion from. What if you search for an adult content today and the next day you find an ad for an adult site running within your email bar? And imagine you are using your email sitting next to your colleague; you would feel embarrassed. This is the way your web browser record and uses your search history against you; whatever you search on the internet, you will be bombarded with ads related to that.

DuckDuckGo is an app for those who want to experience private surfing. It is a search engine that provides information from limitless sources, not as vast as Google, but comparatively more secure and private; without filter bubble of personalized search results. All the users will get the same search results with DuckDuckGo, no matter what type of user is using the search engine. DuckDuckGo aims to protect users’ data from being sold for the commercial purpose and gives users’ freedom to search anything they want and forget.

3- Tor Messenger

We all use different chat rooms, social-media platforms, and other conversational networks like; Facebook, Yahoo, IRC, Google Talk, to communicate with others. We want our communications to be protected no matter what app we use as our need is to chat that remains between us.

Tor Messenger is an encrypted messenger developed by the world’s most famous encrypted internet browser, Tor. It built on top of Instantbird and layered on the Tor Network, for privacy-conscious people. Tor Messenger is a cross-platform chat app and compatible with multiple transport networks like Facebook, Yahoo, IRC, etc. The best part of this messenger is the Off-the-record (OTR) that let users experience encrypted and safe conversation as privately they want. Download easy-to-use Tor Messenger and enjoy anonymity while chatting over the internet.

4- ExpressVPN

Since everyone must be aware how a VPN anonymize your digital presence. For the novice, a VPN is a tool that hides your real IP and assigns you a server-based and untraceable IP and as well encrypt your communication in a secured tunnel; so in case a hacker snoop into your data, he/she will end up with useless gibberish data.

ExpressVPN is a the top-tier VPN app in our opinion which is fast, log-free proxy service that requires few steps to experience secure and anonymous web-browsing. You can access everything on the internet available in more than 145 locations in 94 countries. You can access anything online without the fear of being followed by the third parties. Going through a thorough ExpressVPN review is a must before making an informed decision, but all in all, it is trusted by millions of people around the world and is one of the most powerful apps out there to hide your digital footprints.

5- Avira Vault

It’s the best practice to secure your passwords, videos, and photos in a digital vault, you never know when you will be mugged, and your content would become public property. Although your device is already locked, that is the easiest lock to unlock. Whether it’s credit card info, pictures, passwords, or any other important e-document, we usually save in our PDAs as we consider our devices, the closest and convenient place to keep and reuse our important data in need. Avira Vault is the best app to secure our data saved on our devices.

Passwords are the gateways to your bank, social media accounts and emails, securing your passwords in Avira Vault means to protect against hackers and snoopers. Vault includes a web browser, which blocks infected websites, even in incognito mode; don’t worry about your online activities, in case your friend asks you to use your device. The data you stored in Avira vault can only be retrieved with a PIN, pattern or a touch ID; we recommend encrypt your confidential data before uploading to the cloud. You can save up to 30 files in a free version and interestingly you can also fool nosy snoops with a duplicate account.

The online world is an open source and a honey-pot for scammers, hackers, malware and what not. Your digital footprints are constantly followed, and you never know when you become a victim of cyber threat/s. Don’t risk your privacy and digital identity anymore and use a VPN to protect your virtual realities.

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