7 Ideas that Will Change the World

by Emily on April 7, 2018

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Our lifestyles have advanced at the same pace as technology. Yet we know nothing of what the future holds for us. Is the purpose of modernization to better our lives and progress? When the wheel was invented it completely changed everything, people could now travel long distances and see more of the world. It also enhanced work productivity. And this technological progress hasn’t stopped. Engineers, scientists, inventors, and researchers are constantly breaking new ground, resulting in innovative inventions. For example, the chlorofluorocarbons released by refrigerators, sprays and air conditioners have affected the environment by depleting the ozone layer. This ozone depletion has let ultraviolet rays from sun reach the planet. These rays are highly harmful for the environment. Then there are a number of industries that throw their poisonous waste into water (ponds/rivers/oceans) which threatens marine life. The point is, with scientific inventions come harmful consequences. No matter how indirect it seems, we can’t afford to harm the environment. We need to think of ways to combat these consequences, and in this article we will discuss a few ideas. These inventions will help protect nature and modernize life through advanced technology.

Idea # 1: Space Drones

How interesting would it be to be able to see space from different angles? NASA is trying to manufacture a drone for Mars. Imagine being able to explore Mars the way you want to. It will revolutionize what we know about the red planet. New discoveries could be made through extensive research of the planet.

Idea # 2: 760 mph Trains

You know the phrase “time is money,” imagine the amount of time we waste on travelling to work. Your time is precious. The time you waste on looking out the window, thinking of other things, you could consume in doing some important task. It takes us back to the first invention we had, “wheel” and it serves the same purpose, no matter how advanced our lives have got. To sort out this problem, PayPal, SpaceX and Tesla’s founder Elon Musk are creating a 760-mph train which will take passengers from San Francisco to LA in 35 minutes. Previously, it took 7.5 hours by train to cover this distance.

Idea # 3: Coffee Waste into Biofuels

As mentioned before, industrial waste is causing pollution and Earth is running out of space to keep waste material; it is taking up the space previously used by flora and fauna. Now that poisonous waste material is spreading all over the planet, it has become a matter of great worry for many around the world. They are trying to find ways to limit waste material by using multiple methods, London’s coffee industry for instance is decomposing 200,000 tons of waste and turning it into biofuel. These biofuels will then used for driving and heating buildings. Entrepreneur Arthur Kay came up with this idea for his company “biobean” to decompose 85% of the coffee waste into biofuels.

Idea # 4: Space Balloons

One of the most interesting ideas is that of space balloons to travel to the stratosphere. If you’ve never experienced sky diving then this will help those who’d love to try it. Many cannot for fear of falling or heights. Sky diving isn’t that easy, anyway. You have to take training before you try it. Also, it doesn’t last for too long. It is a bit costly and Space balloons could be a good alternative. Not only do you get to touch the sky, but maybe you get to beat your fear of heights.

The first balloon flew in June, and is expected to launch officially sometime in 2018. It may be a bit costly but nothing compared to the fun one would experience on the trip.

Idea # 5: Viagra

Talking about women’s sexuality is as important as talking about any other subject. Like men, women possess the same sexual desires. The U.S. Food and Drug Administration has approved a drug called flibanserin to increase female sexual desires. The drug masquerades as “Viagra,” although Viagra is a separate drug. Critics are still questioning the safety of the drug but it can be used under a qualified doctor’s supervision/prescription.

Idea # 6: Free Internet

The internet is needed by every person on the planet. As a child, you learn ABCs on it; in school you learn to do easy Mathematics on it; in college, you do your assignments with the help of it; in your professional life, you market your business through it. Internet is needed everywhere, every time now; and making it free for public use will be a huge service. For example, if you need to order an Uber you can’t do it without the help of the internet. Phone, internet and TV are there for you when you need to relax. Watch a movie; you need to talk to a friend, call; you need to make a report, internet! Everyday situations are all handled with the help of the internet, TV and phone. And you can get all these in a Spectrum bundle deal.

Idea # 7: Self- driving Vehicles

Not long ago, we used to watch Sci-Fi movies with driverless cars. Mercedes and Peloton are two companies that are trying to make this a reality. This will help improve safe driving by ridding the roads of amateur drivers. Nonetheless, a lot suspicion is hurled at this idea as companies still think that a human passenger can take care of cargo, luggage and other things that come in the way. There are matters that a machine can handle better than a human, but then there are things that can’t be done without a human’s supervisions for the machines lack the conscious that human do.

These were some of the ideas, we thought, could bring a change in this world. More than a change, we believe that they will bring more ease and comfort in our lives. Thanks for reading; hopefully, this article has enlightened you with inventions that could someday change the world.

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rupak thapa April 8, 2018 at 08:22

What about Elon Musk’s Hyperloop? Do you think they will be future transport medium?



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