7 Powerful Strategies to Improve Your Local SEO Rankings for e-commerce Business

by Guest Author on July 27, 2018

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SEO is evolving with each passing day. Technology got advanced, Algorithms are changed, but there are stills some basic strategies which one can follow to improve their business ranking.

Is SEO really important for the growth of E-commerce Company?

Here is your answer:

Whether you are setting a new online shop or creating a big online business market, Search Engine Optimization is very important for the successful e-commerce development, this helps in bringing traffic to your website. Search engines are now the universal component of an online experience of millions of customers. With search engine optimization strategies right traffic can be targeted to the website which is important to achieve a great business success.

Let’s have a look on SEO strategies you can follow to increase local SEO rankings of your E-commerce company:

1) Always post interactive and easy to read content

While you are publishing the content on your e-commerce company’s website, make sure content is readable and easy to understand for readers belong to different age group. Content should look interactive enough that it must able to engage the readers in itself strongly.

2) Improved Voice Search

One of the leading local SEO practices whose demand is increasing with each passing day is Voice Search. Devices such as DOT from Amazon, SIRI from Apple provide better comfort to customers in their searches.

3) Always keep unique product descriptions

For E-commerce company, it is important that their product descriptions should be unique as unique content is always at the first priority. So, if you want your website to be at the topmost searches then make sure the content and product descriptions are unique and do not copy the content from any source.

4) Mention contact details, address and NAP

Your business details and other necessary information like name, address and contact information must be available on the website as this is the first thing that every customer searches for. Also, make sure that the data available is easy to be crawled by search engines. Keep the updated NAP details in the local business directory.

5) Create a mobile friendly website

Usage of Smartphones has been increased tremendously if the design of your e-commerce website is not mobile friendly, then you can have doubt on your online business growth as now people prefer to use the smartphone more as compared to laptops and desktops.

6) Connect the business with a local listing for E-commerce development

It is important to list your online business under the Local Business Listing as it can help the search engines in the searching process and provide the higher ranking to your E-commerce business.

7) Reviews from the customers

Customer’s feedback and review is the most trusted way to know about the new service or product available in the online market, this helps in analyzing the quality of the product being sold online. Also, it offers an opportunity to get in touch with customers and know about their ideas and suggestions that can help you in E-commerce development.

With the above SEO strategies, you can increase profitability of your e-commerce business and can improve the Local SEO rankings. To enhance the productivity, custom magento extensions are used to help setting up ecommerce store. Several business owners want to use this to a great scalable platform for customizing their ecommerce website as per their requirements.

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Guest article written by: Teresa Parker is a technical writer at Searchengineace blog. She has written many articles around various technologies, advertising, digital marketing, social media, e-commerce platforms and online marketing strategies. Alongside writing new pieces, she loves reading stuff that connects to her niche.

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Rhodes Kriske July 27, 2018 at 20:43

Totally agree with your points here. Many people don’t realize to tap into local SEO strategies for ecommerce!


Praveen Verma July 28, 2018 at 07:00

Great SEO tips for e-commerce website. Every website owner need to make an effort to provide quality and easy to understand content. By including visuals in content will help in grabbing more reader attention.

Today mobile usage has surpassed desktop usage. Website owner must have mobile responsive website for better user experiance and it will help in bringing more traffic too.

Your SEO tips are awesome and will be very helpful in improving ranking for e-commerce website.

Thanks for sharing this post with us.

Have a great day.
Praveen Verma
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