Android vs iOS: What Are the Main Differences Between These Two Popular Operating Systems for Tablets?

by Emily on May 15, 2018

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Google’s Android and Apple’s iOS allows Android and iPad tablets to run on these platforms. Android’s offers more customizable basic features on its Linux open source platform. iOS’ features are less customizable unless jail-broken which makes it more user-friendly with its uniform designed elements. Android is the most commonly used touch-screen platform by different manufacturers. iOS is available on Apple versions of the iPad only. Apple’s iOS has a better user experience with its powerful operating system as opposed to Android’s operating system. Other notable differences between these two operating systems include;

Available Apps on Android vs iOS

Objective –C programming tools are used in iOS apps. The iOS source code is only available for the Mac platform. Developers of the iOS SDK must pay annually to access this source code and acquire App store publishing rights. iOS apps are downloaded from the App store which currently offers over 750,00 that run on the iPad. iOS provides some exclusive apps and other favorite games. Each app is approved and checked before release into the App store thus eliminating the possibility of bugs getting into Apple devices.

Android is an open source platform programmed on Java or C programs. The Android source code, Android SDK can be easily downloaded free of charge. A onetime fee is charged to developers looking to publish their apps on Google Play Store. The Android SDK is available for Linux, PC and Mac platforms.  Android apps are downloaded from Google Play store which currently hosts more than 1,000,000 apps. The Kindle Fire device from Android utilizes separate app stores with a limited variety of available apps. Android offers exclusive apps, Google based apps, and some iOS-only apps.

Connectivity & Storage

Apple has better connectivity options compared to its Google competitors. The LTE in the iPad versions improves cellular networking. However, the storage capacity of the iPad cannot be expanded through the micro-USB card slot due to absence, but this option is available on selected Android tablets.


Android’s offers a wide range of cheaper seven-inch tablet options from Google Nexus, Kindle Fire and Samsung Galaxy with excellent customizable choices and hardware for the user. These tablets offer true multitasking options and responsive performance which are unavailable on iPad tablets. The iPad is unable to interact simultaneously with various apps.

The iPad mini features the retina 7.8 inches screen display while its Android competitors, the Nexus 7 and Kindle Fire HD offer more camera pixels into their slightly smaller seven-inch tablets. Flash on Android allowing users to watch videos over the mobile networks. On the other hand, iPad users are unable to watch videos on YouTube due to the absence of Flash. Android offers the Google voice-command assistant while iOS uses Siri to pick spoken command responses.

If you’re looking for a tablet capable of true multitasking, has expandable storage and customizable features you’ll find on the Android tablet running on the Google operating system. On the other hand, Apple’s iPad running on iOS offers a wider cellular connectivity, enhanced performance and has a wide range of tablet-optimized features.

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