How Applicant Tracking Systems Help The Department?

ATS is being used by most companies these days for facilitating their recruitment process. Although the concept of ATS is not a new one at all, but it is finding more of its use these days with recruitment hazards and time involved with the same increasing to a great extent. It goes without saying that an applicant tracking system can weed out all the hassles and hazards of recruiting and provide the recruiting firm with the much-needed insight of making the recruitment as systematical & perfect as possible and also a smooth one on top of that. And the ways in which an ATS can help a recruiting firm are multiple to say the least. Here are a few of them listed below, the advantages of an applicant tracking system, and the way it facilitates recruiters easing their way in making recruitment and also the process involved in it-

1. Automated Job Posting

With an automated job posting it is very easily possible to send job postings to indefinite number of job boards, social media sites/channels, talent agencies, universities and many more. And needless to say when a job posting is sent to a number of job sites of various kinds at a time you save valuable time, precious money and on top of that the possibilities of your posted job getting noticed by the maximum number of targeted candidates automatically increases manifolds. Moreover with an ATS you get the most relevant response as it is capable of successfully weeding through the irrelevant ones giving you the most pertinent choices to make your decision.

2. Mobile Career Sites

Mobile career sites can be easily created and integrated with an ATS which means it becomes super easy to reach out for a recruiting company to more and more potential candidates in today’s age of digitization and the world of smartphones. For those who don’t have the time to sit in front of their desktops and laptops can also apply through their mobile to your job postings. This makes them come back time and again to your website without any doubt.

3. Optimization

An ATS can facilitate in driving a lot of traffic to your website with very little effort whenever optimization of your website would be done. Whenever you enter even a few words the ATS would be scanning through for those candidates meeting the criteria. Therefore you would only be left with those candidates whose skill sets match with those specified by you in the job requirement and thereby save you stress and time.

4. Social Media

About 59% of candidates resort to social media for finding out more information about the company where they are applying for. It is also not a bad idea to link & integrate your ATS with various social media channels (platforms) in order to grab a whole lot of more attention. Social media can in fact, actually, attract more number of applicants and potential candidates that you can think of or imagine. Moreover, social media also has the uncanny capability to consistently attract more and more new potential candidates and applicants.

5. Email Campaigns

While posting a new job or looking to host a career fare, you may well consider blasting out an email for selecting prospective candidates for the said event. An email campaign can work like a wonder especially in today’s age where your best chances lie of recruiting a potential candidate who exactly match your requirement as an email campaign can easily target specific applicants who possess the right kind of skill set for the posted job(s).

6. Google Analytics

Having Google Analytics it becomes very easy to identify and determine if & whether you need to make any kind of changes for improving the overall candidate experience. For instance, if you are not getting enough response from your posted jobs on various platforms, you can quite easily get an idea and sort out how you should act to change the scenario in your favor.

7. Increased efficiency and productivity

In a small recruiting company, manpower is premium and cutting down on time of recruitment is so very essential. The perfect ATS would be having features like email integration, task generation, resume parsing, etc. Therefore, by delivering a totally automated system and by weeding out the requirement of data-entry that is so often highly time-consuming, recruiters get to spend more time filling vacant positions for a lot of the time with data entry gets saved.

8. Improved candidate experience

A lot of talk has gone on in the industry how having an enhanced candidate experience could result in a higher caliber of candidates. The best of ATSs provides a very easy platform for both the recruiter and the candidate. Thus the overall image and reputation of your company is enhanced before the candidates as well.

9. Competitive advantage

What sets apart a good recruitment process from a decent one is that the former always have a vast pool of candidates waiting in the wings to fill-up vacant spots. In other words, it is the bench strength that marks the fine yet so very crucial line of difference between a decent and a good recruiting company. With a good ATS you need not to no longer remain contented by fulfilling your immediate recruitment requirement but can go a step further and build & manage a strong relation with quality individuals (potential candidates) thereby building a solid bench strength. Easier and quicker communication methods would ensure the fact that a very good and deserving stellar candidate would be hearing from you first right away serving your purpose brilliantly and to perfection.

10. Scalability for the future

An ATS definitely has the capacity to not only accommodate and fulfill all your ongoing needs but also catering to the unforeseen changes that your company might well undergo over a period of time. Thus it is important to be choosing an ATS wisely so that integration and customization of the same is very much possible and therefore whatever growth your company might experience, your ATS is successfully able to coping with that.

The aforementioned are some of the ways how an ATS can help the recruitment department and the firm at large. An ATS truly and really sets the tone for recruitment catering to the whole responsibility by itself and making things a lot easier for the recruiting team, HR manager to go about their business in an utmost systematic and smooth way saving cost, time and also by providing an enhanced candidate experience. In today’s world, no matter what is the size and the kind of business you are running; if you need to make recruitments then an ATS is the best way to go about it.

An ATS does all the important work for you and paves the way for you to concentrate and work with greater impetus on the more important work which would help you further selecting better candidates for your company and also focus on your business matters more. However, one thing needs to be looked at with attention before going with an ATS and that is whether and how far the ATS is serving your required purpose and then make the final decision, otherwise even buying an ATS would be no good and go in waste.

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  1. I like your thoughts it is very helpful to us. Thanks for sharing the best posts and you are giving such a good suggestion. And here is my experience with one of ATS tool is HireXpert, it is having cv parsing technique and this tool brings all the employers, agencies and candidates to single platform and reduce the workload of recruiters.

  2. Very good to know about the Applicant tracking system and it’s features. Tell me any of the best recruitment software pricing and what are the best deals for the HR platforms?

  3. I really like how you present your argument. An ATS system is almost a necessary tool and has been of immense benefits to a lot of people. But before joining the boat, know what you want, because if your desired goal is not being achieved, then you are wasting time and money.

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  5. Hi Emily, Thank you for sharing such an informative post. As you said it’s true that, an applicant tracking system simplifies the recruitment process for the recruiters by using automated intelligence to screen for the best talent to hire. Because, the best applicant tracking systems always allow candidates to easily apply for the desired position via any device, without login. So, this will ultimately save the recruiters time, and companies also get benefited from a larger pool of applicants.


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