Changes to Make on Your Business Website for Better Branding and Promotion

by Guest Author on February 8, 2018

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So, you have an e-commerce website, and it is doing an average job for you. You must be wondering – how to make your site more profitable or more revenue generating? Well, for that you need expert’s tips for e-commerce web design. A few alterations to your website would pay you off highly. Not just high-end profitability, but excellent brand exposure can also be achieved with meticulous e-commerce website designing. So, it is the right time to revamp your website or make a few alterations so that your business can have a better online presence.

In the following section, we shall list down some of the best practices for e-commerce website design. Understanding these will help you to gain higher degree of business success.

1. Incorporate social media buttons/icons

Power of social media is not unknown to anyone; especially the small businesses have been hugely benefitted with the use of social media platforms for their business promotion. That is why having social media buttons attached to your e-commerce website always turn out to be fruitful. Give the provision to people so that they can share your products or can talk about your business. Apart from major social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter, you should also use other popular platforms, like Google+, and Instagram to stimulate your business.

2. Write unique and accurate product description

To get more buyers, you need to talk about your products with more accuracy. Just think what we do in case of physical B2C marketing? No matter how good is your product – you still need convince the buyers to make a decision to buy. To assure buyers, you need to talk about the product and its details. This is what you also need to do in case of virtual selling. Your website must contain detailed description on the products so that buyers can get convinced for buying your featured products.

3. Adopt responsive web design

For e-commerce websites, responsive web design is the future. Responsive web design helps a business to grow optimally by giving it a single platform for hosting their site. There is no need to manage additional versions of the site for smartphone or tablet users. Responsive web design suits different screen by changing its resolutions automatically. Responsive web design has become a standard trait for giving a positive push to online business.

4. Secured payment gateway

As per the experts at Magnetize.Me, the most critical part of an e-commerce website is its payment gateway. E-commerce websites that have secured payment options to deliver to buyers are likely to become more popular as well as profitable. No matter how good your products are, without secured and multi-channel payment gateway, it is not possible to run an e-commerce business.

5. Business process automation

Modern e-commerce websites need automation for business process management and enhanced business profitability. E-commerce web owners should opt for more web-based applications to promote automation. It will make business process accurate as well as hassle-free. Nevertheless, it cuts off production cost and provides better profitability to the business owners. Hence, business application integration with e-commerce website is the newest trend.

6. KIS – Keep It Simple

Gone are those days, when we used to see complex websites with heavy images. Today, simple sites are clinching more attention of the web visitors. The reason of popularity of such websites is their simplicity. Simplicity has no real match when it comes to website designing. It allows users to navigate the site without facing any glitches. The purpose of having a website is letting visitors to convey the messages of website owner. This becomes easy when the design is simple, yet attractive. All major sites that are successfully running have embraced simplicity for designing their web interfaces.

7. Single page scrolling

Single page scrolling is visibly a trend in website design these days. It is another trend that is influenced due to the increasing number of mobile-based web visitors. To navigate a website through mobile phone or small screen devices, it is essential to have single page scrolling. It turns satisfactory experience for the mobile-based visitors. Nevertheless, side-scrolling is almost obsolete these days. Only vertical single page scrolling is the trend, and this trend will stay for forthcoming years.

8. Storytelling and interactions

Modern websites are promoting more interactive designs engage the web visitors. This helps them to turn the visitors into potential customers or clients for the featured products or services. Graphical representation works better than texts in making the visitors understand the business process.

9. Lesser use of flash animation

Flash animation or 2D animation or even 3D animations are entirely obsolete these days. The reason behind this is loading time. None of us has so much time to wait for pages to load. In today’s fast-paced world, people mean straight business. This is why flash based 2D or 3D animation is getting an abandoned practice for website designing.

Knowing these simple tips will help you to create a better website that would be more productive in terms of business branding.

Guest article written by: Karen Benjamin is the author of this article, and he is an experienced person in the field of business marketing and web development. Find social media marketing tips in his articles and check Magnetize.Me.

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