How Will Chatbots Redefine the Customer Experience?

by Emily on June 13, 2018

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We all have experienced how slow and frustrating is the process to reach out to the company through a customer support team to resolve any query. Customers today have infinite choices and their expectations are getting higher. Delivering a great experience with instant satisfaction will help businesses to enhance customer retention rate, acquisition as well as sales. One of the successful ways is to focus on providing experience with 24*7 available assistant that is accurate, intelligent and responsive. That is where Artificial Intelligence (AI) enabled chatbot comes into action. As per the survey, it is believed that 80% businesses will use chatbot by the year 2020.

Let’s see how enterprises can use smart Chatbot Solutions to render positive customer experience by replacing manual support agents-

Seamless Live Interaction

Using chatbot, customers can engage & talk in the same way they would do with any customer support agent without the need of manual efforts. Bots are even using Natural Language Processing (NLP) methods to understand user’s query and give an accurate response within a second to meet any requirements. Companies with chatbots can save customer’s time and frustrating process to reach out for the answers.

Interpret Customer’s Voice

Having a deep understanding of the user’s voice helps in avoiding chances of business loss, which is why chatbot use sentiment analysis to timely analyze the customer’s sentiment. It will help in delivering exceptional customer experience and prevent any customer dissatisfaction due to bad service or product.

Always Available

Chatbots doesn’t sleep making it available all the time while your chat support team cannot be present always. Customers often reach out for queries when they have time, mostly outside of business hours. If your support agent cannot be present when your customers need them, users will be disappointed as they won’t get the timely answers from your business. With chatbots, the interaction can be made easy and possible at any time.

Lower Cost & Efforts

With the help of chatbot & AI technology, businesses can save labor cost by more than 29%. As the process of interaction between the brand and the customer is completely automated, companies will save service costs and speed up response time without relying on agents. The future of great customer service lies in integrating chatbot that will help in enhancing performance and productivity.

Personalize Brand

With the flexible nature of chatbots, businesses can keep customers engaged for many different purposes such as sales information, technical support, account management, etc. Chatbots helps to personify brand as it has been programmed with various conversational styles from the accurate and technical response to friendly and humorous ones. Making the conversation more real, different personalities of chatbot helps in keeping customers engaged and coming back.

No More IVR Systems

One of the top reasons why customers complain is the use of interactive voice response (IVR) systems while contacting customer care team that involves asking some questions and routing to a different department as per the responses that were given by customers. However, with a chatbot, the customer feels like the query is being heard and understood instantly.

Closing Statement

Many enterprises are using chatbots to improve the experience by making interaction easier, faster and more effective with 24/7 service. Additionally, bot comes with huge cost savings and great potential for new revenue. Businesses need to focus on robust customer-centric strategies as negative customer service can easily make users cut ties with the brand. If you still haven’t started using chatbot for your business, it’s time to contact a renowned Chatbot Development Company & use it to deliver not just seamless service experience but also reduce negative experience chances.

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