Data Protection Tips: How to Run a Secure Business

Protecting yourself and your customers online has never been a more fundamental element of business management. With instances of cyberattacks increasingly headline news, the truth is that cybercrime is now an issue that affects any company that utilizes an online presence. A data breach can affect your company in a variety of ways, and while it might not mean the end of your business, it can have a dramatic effect on your trade. Losing the data that your customers and suppliers trust you with can cause a big dent in your business reputation and that can be hard to come back from. Safeguarding yourself and those around you can be a simple enough task, and it’s not always about practicing safe use of technology.

Identify what you have

It’s no use committing to a strong security policy if you don’t know what you’re protecting. Often, entrepreneurs are unaware just how much data they store, and it’s vital that not only do you make yourself aware, you also make sure that your company is not breaking any laws on data storage. Carrying out an inventory of your stored data can often surprise you, and also make you realize that you need to purge data on a regular basis.

Use the cloud

Having a handy cloud-based service provider can save you a lot of security concerns. Having a bespoke service that utilizes encryption tools and up to date anti-malware software is the best way to keep yourself safe from online attacks. One of the key factors when deciding to transfer to the cloud is that service providers such as also allow you back up systems so that in the event of a malicious online attack you reduce the risk of highly damaging data loss.

Employee Security

Having the best staff around you is one of the key elements to a successful business, but you need to make sure that not only are they good at the role they have been hired for, but also that they are security aware. Large numbers of high profile cyberattacks are caused by employees, with lost devices and weak password hygiene practices being the main sources of data loss. Make sure that any training that you offer is practical and thorough, and make certain that your staff are aware of their responsibilities when it comes to their online management. Sometimes it’s a simple matter of teaching them how to build a strong password, or the importance of keeping their company linked devices safe and secure. While we may assume that staff won’t click the strange link sent in an email, you might be surprised by how many do.

Paying close attention to the data that you hold is the first step in identifying the weak spots in your online security and the best way to make decisions on what you need to optimize your security and protect those around you. Make sure that you know the laws regarding retention of data and protect yourself so that you can focus on your profit margins.

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