How To Find Your Perfect Job In Time For Christmas

If you’ve ever been job hunting towards the end of the year, then chances are that you have considered putting off the job search until the start of the new year. Searching for your ideal job takes time and dedication, so why should you start now whilst everyone is getting ready to wind down for Christmas?

Starting your job search now is the best thing to do and there are so many reasons why. Everyone who is looking for a job has the same goal: to find something that they love doing. So, whilst you may think you have plenty of time and that there are plenty of jobs out there, what if your perfect job is waiting for you? By finding your perfect job in time for Christmas, you will not only enjoy the festivities more but you will have landed a job which is perfect for you.

Figure Out The Job That You Want

Before you start applying for every job that slightly appeals to you, the most important thing for you to do is to think about what you actually want out of a job and what you want to do. From the day-to-day jobs to the company culture, there are many different aspects of a job role that you should consider before sending your CV off.

The first step should be determining what the perfect job is to you. It is important that you think carefully about this in order to prevent you from focusing too long and hard on a job which in the end isn’t right for you. Once you’ve decided, you will then be able to create a tailored job-hunt plan to hone in on the aspects that you are after.

Finding Vacancies

The next step in finding the perfect job is finding vacancies for jobs that you actually want to apply for. Of course, the internet is one of the easiest ways to find vacancies, but you can also use more traditional means of job-hunting. Libraries, newspapers and adverts are still great places to look for job vacancies, especially if you are looking for something local.

You can also use the power of social media. Linkedin is perfect for people on the lookout for a new job, as you can connect with people of a similar interest or specialist recruiters who operate in your desired field. If you let people know that you are looking for a job, then they may be able to direct you to interesting vacancies. You can also send open applications to companies that you are interested in working for.

Preparing To Apply

Once you have found a few jobs that you want to apply for, then it is time to get your resume ready to send. If your resume fits in with the job requirements, then spend time writing and perfecting your cover letter and polishing off your CV.

Preparation is vital when applying for a job. Job hunting is a minefield these days, and it is more competitive than ever. There is a lot of advice out there, but it can all get overwhelming and confusing. However, a job won’t just fall into place for you, you will be required to show that you are a suitable candidate. Spend some time getting to know the company and taking a look at the company’s values and ethics. Mentioning these in your application or during an interview will earn you extra points from the person looking after the company’s recruitment process.

Interview Process

The majority of people get nervous before a job interview, and this is understandable. A job interview can be extremely nerve-wracking, as you are the focus of your interviewers. Don’t forget, they have conducted plenty of interviews over the years and are just interested in your skill set and personality to see how you could fit in with the team.

They know you are likely to be nervous, so don’t let that overpower your interview. Dress smart, arrive early and prepared and smile. Interview processes over the Christmas period tend to be short if you are applying for a temp job, so keep that in mind and be prepared to wow in a short space of time.

Tying Up Loose Ends

If you are starting your new role straight from your old job, then you will be required to tie up any loose ends before transitioning over to your new job. If needed, make sure that your work contacts know you are accepting a new job and be prepared to assist them with any queries they have. Let your employer know and make sure that you are handing in your notice within the time-frame set out in your contract. They may have some questions for you, so be prepared for this.

If you are leaving a job on bad terms, or have been unemployed for some time, then make sure that you have everything in order before you start your new job. You may need to arrange for any benefits you have been receiving to end or make sure that your old employer does not hinder your transition in any way. If there have been long-running disputes with your old employer, or if there have been any issues during your time at the company, you may benefit from seeking help and advice from external agencies or companies to make sure that your dream job starts without any issues.

Employment solicitors, such as Gorvins, and government agencies including Citizens Advice will be more than willing to help with any issues that you are having to ensure that you receive all of the right information. It can be scary and unsettling when you have previously had issues at work and you are transitioning over to a new job, so enlisting some help and advice will make the process easier for everyone involved.

Finding your dream job may be easier said than done, but setting a timeframe to accomplish it by, such as before Christmas, will help drive you to achieve it. With strong commitment and effort, it is possible. People who are happiest with their jobs enjoy doing what they do and this is key. The perfect job comes in many different shapes and sizes, so be prepared to research before you start searching.

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