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by Emily on November 4, 2018

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SEO or search engine optimization is a particular type of content writing which can be immensely useful to increase traffic which comes to a site through search engines. An SEO writer in simple terms creates contents which are search engine optimized. It means the content will be written in a way which helps Google to find and identify the same as being pertinent to specific phrases and keywords which people enter in the box of search engine queries.

SEO Writing – Good and Bad

SEO writing has two categories – good and bad writing. Here a gray area is minimal. Either the content will help you with the search engine rankings of your site or hurt it. Understanding this difference is a must before hiring an SEO writer for creating content on your behalf, or it may damage the chances of success of your site. It will result in reduced traffic or the website getting banned on the SERPs. Leading search engines such as Google are not in favor of SEO writing. The search engines wish to deliver the finest outcomes to searchers resting on those search terms that are entered by visitors. Any piece of content which is written to boost the search result ranking of a page artificially is bad content which search engines do not desire to show at the top lists.

Vital Facts

The search engines desire to display content resting on the authority of the website, context relevance, and trustworthiness resting on how people and other sites engage with the website along with other factors. Search engine algorithms to that end are designed in detecting content written with an aim to improve search engine traffic. Things such as keyword stuffing, to pay for incoming links and hiding keywords either in a color which blends with that of the background or has a small font are tactics which search engines regard as spam, and the search traffic of your site will be affected negatively once you are caught doing them. Hence, it is essential to work with an SEO expert and SEO writer that is good and trustworthy, else the investment will go waste and put your site in a bad position. For best results, hire a good Austin SEO service provider.

Noteworthy Qualities of a Good Search Engine Optimization Writer

Below are the notable traits and qualities of a good search engine optimization writer. Take a look,

  • Understand Grammar, Spelling, and Structure– When it comes to SEO writing this is a significant problem. Most businesses pay low prices for getting bulk articles, but if they are not up to the mark; they will not be worth it. An experienced or good SEO writer is one who is well versed in grammar, spelling, and structure. Any form of grammatical or spelling error will pull down the content quality and at the same time the credibility of the business, the brand and the site. After all, people will purchase from a business that they can trust and not one which posts content that is untrustworthy and of low quality. 
  • Communicate Well with the SEO Expert– Another trait of an ideal SEO writer is in having the right communication with an SEO expert to make sure that the content perfectly aligns with the goals.
  • Written for Audience First- Google is not in favor of a content that is written solely for SEO. A good writer is one who will write for the audience first and naturally add keywords like a secondary priority.
  • Know the Audience- A good writer is one who will take time in understanding their audience, what is essential for them as well as what content will be meaningful and useful to them.
  • Be Aware of SEO Do’s as well as Don’ts- In fact, a good writer is one who is adept in the do’s as well as don’ts related to SEO. They are aware of using keywords in titles naturally, in heading tags and the first paragraph. Most importantly they are aware of the perfect length of the content and avoid keyword stuffing.
  • Costs Money- Cheap content will create more harm than doing any good. This harm will not be a prompt one yet will come. After the damage is made it will be hard in getting back to the right side of Google. Often this is impossible. So always hire a good writer who can provide you with quality content sans plagiarism.
  • Write succinctly and clearly– A good writer will provide you with quality content and will write succinctly and clearly. To publish contents that are useful, concise and clear is necessary to make sure that the audience read it and also shares the same. Good content will always capture the audiences’ attention and communicate their message clearly and quickly.
  • Content is Readable and Shareable– A good writer will invest enough time in understanding their audience and goals. They will think strategically regarding what content will help in reaching those gals and appealing to their audience.
  • Understands Storytelling- A good content marketing is not self-promotional but meaningful and useful for the target audience. This will map with the journey of the buyer and move consumers via the marketing funnel right from awareness up to purchase as well as loyalty. It is only a good search engine optimization writer that can craft a story which will pique the interest of the reader and also elicit emotions which will ultimately strengthen their bond with the brand and encourage word-of-mouth.
  • Write Relevant and Compelling Headlines- In content marketing, headlines are immensely critical. Along with directly affecting the number of people that read much beyond the title, it will also impact the SEO efforts. A good writer knows the tricks of writing headlines that are click-worthy along with weaving keywords into headlines as and when possible and at the same time make sure it is neither too short nor too long.

Bad content can create for your business, brand and site long-lasting damage so always hire the best SEO writer.

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