Helping Guests Feel At Home – Going That Extra Mile In The World Of Luxury Travel

Never underestimate the power of good hospitality. In today’s world, it’s not just the places we visit that are under the microscope, but where we stay too. Social influencers can have a lot of impact on consumers’ perceptions of hotels, and a bad experience can be costly for your business.

More often than not, people want to feel at home during their travels. But home in this sense doesn’t necessarily just refer to creature comforts; they want hotels to pull out all the stops to ensure the most luxurious stay possible.

Get ideas on how to go that extra mile to stay at the cutting edge of luxury travel.

The new concierge

Concierge services have long been a staple of the hotel industry, providing guests with recommendations and services that go beyond the typical amenities you’d expect to find at a hotel. Today, concierge services are more comprehensive than ever, and if your hotel is to compete with the offering of top luxury concierge companies then it needs to up its game. Make your guests aware of the different services on offer, particularly when it comes to securing entertainment – many guests will be unaware of the value of concierge so including this information in any welcome packs or website literature can help them make the most of this service.

Providing a warmer welcome

Queuing at the check-in desk is a source of frustration for many travellers. If you’ve made a long journey or it’s late in the evening, then the thought of having to stand on your feet to wait for your room can fill you with dread. Andaz is an example of a great hotel chain that has revamped its check-in process, using greeters to meet guests at the front door and offering them refreshments and a seat while waiting to check in. Touches like this make the journey much more pleasant for guests, ensuring they get the best experience from your hotel from the second they walk through the door.

Could you overhaul your check-in service and make it more welcoming to your guests? Think of ways to make the customer journey easier to ensure nothing gets in the way of them enjoying a restful stay. Sometimes, it’s the smallest of experiences that make all the difference.

Getting to know your guests

Getting to know your guests in advance of their travel can help make sure that they get the most out of their stay. You can learn a lot through a conversation with a guest, and a follow-up email after confirming a booking could help you offer a more personal, tailored experience. The latest in hospitality technology can also be used to your advantage to help you offer a tailored experience to your guests.

Guests have different needs and taking the time to figure out exactly what they are could help make their travel experience feel that much more exclusive – leading to good word of mouth. Welcoming a guest who’s always on the move or someone who’s going to be staying a while? Offering services like a virtual mailbox from can help them feel more at home. Knowing a bit about their interests can help you make more personal recommendations about things to do during their stay, improving their overall travel experience and not just their accommodation.

Learning lessons from around the world

There is a lot that can be learned from other hotels, with stories of hotels that go the extra mile making a lasting impression. Providing an exemplary experience doesn’t have to cost money or even take up a lot of time, but solving a problem for a guest can mean the world to an individual. It’s these sorts of stories that people want to see on social media, so if you’re not already selling your achievements, then perhaps it’s time you should.

Luxuries don’t have to have a luxury price tag

While some of the best luxury hotel experiences can come with a hefty price tag, this doesn’t have to be the case. Making guests feel at home during their stay can involve simple things like bringing in their favorite tea/coffee or even providing on-demand services like Netflix.

Conducting some research into the type of things your guests want can be a fantastic way to improve your offering. Get some travel bloggers and influencers on board who will provide you with honest feedback about your hotel, and what can be done to make the experience better.

By focusing on selling experiences, rather than selling rooms – your hotel can become a must-visit destination, as much on the travel to-do list as the location itself! Consider your current offering and how it can be improved to provide that all-important luxury guest experience.

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