How to Increase Your Wi-Fi Signal Range

The emergence of Wi-Fi is one of the most important developments in the history of mankind. It allows you to connect to the internet without any wires while easily connecting your mobiles, tablets, laptops and other devices to the internet simultaneously because this wireless connection is not limited to one single desktop as it was in the past. However, your Wi-Fi connection can also become frustrating if it is plagued by slow internet speed and bad reception.

Here are 10 ways through which you can increase your Wi-Fi signal range and solve your speed issue:

Always Use the Latest Wi-Fi Technology

One of the best ways to ensure that your Wi-Fi is working fine is to use up to date or brand new devices as they will contain the latest technology and software upgrades. With the latest hardware, you will be able to connect multiple devices to your Wi-Fi and enjoy maximum speed. If your Wi-Fi modem is unable to deploy signals throughout your house, you can buy a wireless mesh network system. In this particular system, you install small routers throughout your house to cover all areas, then your main Wi-Fi router will allow the small routers to receive the signals and forward them to other devices such as smartphones and laptops.

Look for the Perfect Spot for Your Modem

The perfect spot for your Wi-Fi router is the center of your house, this allows you to receive the best coverage of the signals while connecting to the internet. These routers should not be hidden because you might lose the signal, so you should always place the Wi-Fi routers in an open space.

Find the Perfect Wireless Channel

It is quite possible for your neighbor’s router to interfere with yours, and this may cause signal problems for you. In order to avoid this problem, you can use applications such as Wi-Fi Analyzer or Network Analyzer Lite to find the right wireless channel for your house.

Intervention from Home Appliances

Other Wi-Fi modems are not the only factor that can cause interference to your home Wi-Fi signal. There are other factors such as your home appliances, home phones, refrigerators, washing machines, and other appliances that can also disrupt your Wi-Fi signals. In order to overcome this problem you should avoid buying appliances from the same brand or install a dual band router to resolve the issue.

Stop Wi-Fi Embezzlers with Better Security

There are many ways to protect your Wi-Fi from getting hacked by intruders. Firstly, you should use strong passwords for your Wi-Fi and these passwords should be changed on a regular basis in order to stop others from stealing your signal. In addition to this, you should check on how many devices are connected to your wireless connection so that you can block devices that are unfamiliar. Lastly, you can hide the SSID of your Wi-Fi so that people won’t be able to notice its existence when they scan their devices for a wireless connection.

Control the Applications that Use Bandwidth

In every household, there is an individual who regularly downloads movies, video chats, plays online games and uses other services such as Netflix for watching shows. All of these actions use a lot of bandwidth and make the internet slower for others in the house. In such a situation, you can use Quality of Service to stop these bandwidth consuming sites and services. With Quality of Service, you can align certain applications according to your preference in order to provide more bandwidth to the applications that hold more importance.

Hacks to Increase Your Wi-Fi Range

If you are still facing the problem of limited signals, you may try some tricks that can be used to extend your Wi-Fi signals. For instance, you can use an old beer can or a cooking strainer to increase the range of your Wi-Fi signals. Moreover, you can also use foil paper to boost your Wi-Fi signals by placing the foil on the back of the router in order to reflect the signals in other areas of your house.

Increase Your Modem’s Signals by Hacking

Another way to increase the range of you Wi-Fi is to hack your modem and install DD-WRT Firmware. This new feature will not only give you the option to increase your transmitting power but it will also provide you with various security features along with other enhancements. However, this may be dangerous for your Wi-Fi router because it might not be able to handle this drastic increase in signals. But if this hack works, then you will be able to access your Wi-Fi from a much greater distance.

Use Wi-Fi Repeater

You can always use a range extender to increase the signals of your home Wi-Fi. These Wi-Fi repeaters are not that expensive and you can even use your old wireless router as an extender as well. Furthermore, you can use Ethernet cable to connect one router to another and create another access point to increase the signals of you Wi-Fi.

Reboot Your Router

You can reboot your router in order to refresh the connection and receive maximum signals. However, rebooting your Wi-Fi again and again can be a hectic task, so what you can do is schedule your wireless router to reboot on regular basis, e.g. once every day. This will allow your Wi-Fi to receive maximum signals and you will be able to enjoy connectivity from a greater distance.

These tricks and techniques can help you increase your Wi-Fi signals. After applying these tricks you will notice a definite increase in the range of your Wi-Fi router.

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