An Insight into High Tech Gadgets Used in Today’s World

We live in a world that relies on a lot of technology, and this fact doesn’t seem to be changing anytime soon especially considering the fact that more and more innovations are being brought up every day.

To wit, we take a look at some of the most innovative technological tools that are dominating today’s world like Drones, pen camera, Home automation systems etc.


Drones are definitely high-tech, especially as they are able to make simple flight as easy as possible. Whether for research purposes, surveillance, or just the thrill of having the opportunity to fly something, there is no doubt that drones are getting more and more acceptance in today’s world.

The AXA Smart bell

The AXA Smartbell was created by AXA, one of the biggest insurance firms in Europe, and FCB Warsaw. Developed with RDS technology, the smartbell was mad with a goal of reducing the danger the road poses to cyclists. Essentially, it provides cyclists with a “bike insurance” a bell is used to transmit signals through car radios in order to alert the drivers of these cars of the imminent arrival of a bicycle. This means that cyclists and car owners are able to stay safe on the road, and are conscious of the presence of one another.

The Air-Ink

The air ink is an ink that was made from the elements of air pollution and which provides a high-quality and environmentally-friendly option for creatives everywhere. The ink is of black color, and is also capable of writing on rough surfaces.

Developed by the MIT Media Lab, the air ink is a safe, reliable and water resistant marker ad screen painting ink. However, while it is certainly impressive as a marker, it’s actual effects on air pollution are surely remarkable as well. By making use of just 30ml of this ink, you are able to negate about three-quarters of an hour worth of air pollution.

Digital Assistants

Digital assistants are built into mobile phones, and they can help with a wide array of functions; like setting alarms, playing music directly, making phone calls, etc.


As wearables, smartwatches provide all the uses and functionalities of mobile phones on the go!

The Smart Home

The smart home is much more than an app; it’s a revolution. Ideally, your home is supposed to be a place where you feel at ease the most.

However, just how much ease are you able to feel while at home?

The answer to this question depends on just how smart your home really is.

Essentially a smart home is one in which technological devices don’t just abound, but they are actually connected with the use of IOT technology. In a smart home, automation is encouraged, and this means that homeowners are able to enjoy even greater ease by being home while not at home features with the help of technology equipment like hidden camera, definitely a required trait in this technologically-advanced world.

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  1. Ah. I believe that smartwatches are almost dead right now. But Smart home and voice assistants are the future. I’m looking forward to see how the nearest future will change with such great tech.

  2. Having a smart home would surely be expensive but would also be worth it. Just imagine how safe you’ll feel when you have a smart home. Great insights! 🙂


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