Just install it: Best productivity software for the tech junkie

Being a tech junkie is not belonging to the certain age stratum. It is about having certain mental make-up. Tech junkies are possessed with the idea of doing things faster. You can tag them on such keywords as ‘more efficient’, ‘more flexible’, ‘more intuitive’.

There are a number of forces behind the rise of tech junkie trend. First of all, digitization lets you have mobile workspace, which means that work can be done from anywhere once you are ‘properly equipped’. So, digitization greatly contributed to a big number of tech junkies among freelancers.

Other influence on rising the trend for tech over-consumption includes evolving the gig economy as a part of the global cultural environment shift: it is not uncommon nowadays when businesses employ teams for specific projects, and it boosts the market of independent workers who are selecting those temporary gigs they feel interested in. The indie workers’ high capacities root mostly in using the latest gadgets and apps. If you are dreaming about personal productivity software designed according to individual needs – think of api development services. It is an application programming interface that you will get developed following your personal preferences.

Below you will find the list of the market validated apps the tech junkies will absolutely love:

SpotlightDo is ideal for managing your tasks

Using this app, you will easily manage your most ambitious projects and get things done more efficiently. It is a reminder app with alarm for everyday use. Besides, it can create notes or convert an image to text even in the offline mode. You will be guaranteed a great user experience whether you are a freelancer or an office worker.
The time-saving/productivity-boosting options include:
• Adding tasks via voice
• Using system default speech synthesizer
• Prioritizing your tasks according to their importance.
• Notifications when you need them.
• Converting image to text and adding it to your notes
• Widgets for adding tasks fast on your home screen
• Instant sharing your Notes and Tasks with your friends and others

Quick brain mathematics is ideal for enhancing your attention span

Training brain with brain games is opposite wasting time. This kind of games follow the principles of cognitive psychology and make an impact on shaping various skills while:
• improving memory;
• sharpening attention;
• speeding up reaction;
• enhancing concentration.
The additional option includes:
• competition against players from around the world in real time.

TMetric is ideal for making the work time calculations with precision

Whatever goal you want to realize, the first step to success is adopting and integrating some powerful habit into your routine. One of such habits is quantifying your time. If you estimate things numerically and report numbers you will know exactly what will land in your recipient’s mind. Time-tracking is one of such habits, which helps you assess your activity level and visualize your productivity. With this time-tracker, you will:
• have the precise calculation of your work time;
• set the function of billable hours for further invoicing your work;
• compose the invoice in one click;
• have the in-depth comprehensive reports on tasks and projects.
The feature set of this time-tracker helps you bring your performance to a new level. After all, efficiency is why new tech matters.

Smart Lens for making your creativity hurdle-free

It is a text scanner and image converter that helps you not only scan but translate a document as well as scan and detect a phone number, email, website, business card in just a few seconds.

This text scanner saves time and provides convenience for users by allowing them to take photos of text instead of transcribing it. You will get access to the following features:
• high speed and accurate text recognition;
• support for 56 languages;
•offline mode support for 18 Latin-based languages;
• gallery albums support: just select images from the gallery for scanning
•cropping the image for easier work;
• offline mode full support.

DoodleCast Pro for bringing note-taking to an advanced level

This app is essential as visualizing your ideas might greatly speed up your project implementation. It is a perfect combination of presentation software and animation maker.
With this software, you can:
• create your document/presentation/lecture/project intro;
• record it along with your voice;
• use it to play back later in a video editor.
• the pro version gives you a lot of sharing options;
• the pro version gives you a lot of presentation options.

TravelSafePro for feeling secured when traveling

Flight trackers, route planners, and destination audio descriptions are just a few of the interesting features of the travel apps available on the market.
Being a digital nomad means not only enjoying the new surroundings and capturing your travels on your gadgets but keeping safe.
Vulnerability and risk assessments are no trivial questions when you travel.
So plan smart and stay on track with this software.

This app supplies you:
• with critical information related to the country or region you are visiting to ensure you have a safe trip;
•supports switching within 12 languages;
•comes with emergency numbers of all the countries, as well as vital embassy information of your country for the location you are visiting
• gives you quick access to police, fire, and ambulance, your parents, or your partner from one single screen.

Barclay Video Banking for hassle-free money tracking

According to a new survey by the international payments platform Payoneer, the hourly rate for freelancers is about $19. Collecting time data will be useless if you do not have the opportunity to invoice your clients effectively as well as tracking your finance. Efficient handling of the finance is more than important so the video banking might be handy. It is a relatively new trend. What makes it irreplaceable is the option to keep on track 24/7 and never let any finance-related ‘boring’ information die in the background.
This app lets you:
• have a confidential conversation with the bank managers;
• use it free of charge;
• address any on-demand queries.

Alternatively, you can make an appointment with the bank and get an invitation email confirming the date and time of your review with details on how to access it.

Benefits of using the personal banking app are obvious:
• the app enables you to speak directly from the comfort of your home
• makes the bank available seven days a week
• makes completion of service requests fast and easy.

To wrap it up

Choosing the software for tech junkies possessing a collection of advanced technology skills is a big deal indeed. The confident navigation in the world of innovative solutions and the optimal choice among the diverse technology tools develop through acquiring the vast experience.

It makes tech junkies one of the most demanding consumers, so the criteria for software estimation are all about the brilliant idea behind the tech solution, rich feature sets and wide functionality of the software, positive user experience and quality assurance. Be sure to check on this software to boost your productivity and improve your personal well-being.

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