How to Install Video Surveillance Cameras

by Emily on April 24, 2018

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There are many ways to install a security camera system, but the easiest way would be the one we’re going to explain below.

1. Find the right provider

Service providers such as Mammoth Surveillance have the incentive to offer you the best services because their reputation is on the line. If they can’t deliver what they promise, you might be able to report them on social media and lower their chances to do business with others. This is the reason why you may want to pick a service provider that has an active social media engagement. That way, they have more to lose when the systems they sold don’t work out the way they’re supposed to.

2. Make an outline

It should be important to know the coverage, complete area, and distance to be covered and monitored by your security camera system. To do this, you should prepare a diagram that can indicate which of the areas in your home that you want to monitor. It’s quite expensive to monitor all part of your home with a complete system, so an outline can maximize the amount of money you invest for such set-up. Prioritizing which areas of your house needs the most active level of monitoring can more easily be done with a diagram. When you’re done with the diagram, double check the areas you’re monitoring with the cameras if there’s any blockage or hindrance to its most optimal view.

Some of the areas that may need an active security camera are the front and back doors, driveways, your home’s indoor stairway, and the large common spaces in your home. A bedroom of your invalid family relative whom you are nursing could also benefit from a system.

3. Mount the security cameras

Once you found the right locations, place the camera mount on the desired location. Most have a sticky pad that you can use to adhere the cameras to the wall easily. You might also want to use a sharpie to mark down the areas of the wall where the screws would go. You can then drill holes in the walls where you can attach the screw before finally installing the cameras with the help of a molding pin. When everything is already in place, position the cameras to the desired angle respective to the area you want to monitor.


You can follow these tips to install a security camera system. Remember to get the right service provider for your security needs, and make an outline of what you need. Finally, you can install the system in place within your area to make you and your location more secure.

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