Learn about the Engraving Techniques That Are Commonly Used

Engraving is now used worldwide to help businesses get out there and tell the world of their existence in an attractive way. It serves a wide variety of purposes and the sooner you find yours, the better use you will get from it.

What type of engraving is right for your business?

In today’s market, laser engraving is the most common choice that is cost-effective, versatile and costs less. However, you should not feel pushed to use only this method of engraving. You should make your choice based on the kind of results that you are looking for. The different types of engraving processes below will help you get to learn the different results they give and help you make a wise decision.

Different types of engraving techniques

  1. Laser engraving – This engraving technique is ideal for promotional merchandise, component identification, nameplates and control panels. Big companies like the PBS Engraving are extensively using it. It works in an incredible way whereby the machine does not touch the material. The laser is fired at the surface, creating a mark without any reverberation. This makes it suitable to use even in delicate products like the tablet computers as well as other electronics. Laser engraving is controlled by a computer with the laser about to create an intricate and incredibly accurate design. Its results are fast and efficient in all its engraving work. It can also use small, intricate markings as well as produce such results consistently over large batches of products. The end product look is determined by the power and the laser head used, as well as the material being engraved itself. The possibilities of laser engraving are endless. Laser engraving creates a permanent finish depending on the material used, which is more flexible than with the other engraving methods.
  2. Hand engraving – This engraving technique is fit for stamp marking, printing sets, dyes as well as intricate projects that require more customization. Hand engraving combines the expertise of the craftsmen with the precision of the machinery by following a pattern that the engraving has to guide the machine by hand, thus controlling the depth of the engraving by eye. Hand engraving creates deeper marks than laser and this depth can be tailored to suit individual needs. The fact that it is created by hand makes it ideal for creating a special permanent finish that can be in-filled with paint. It creates highly textured results that include 2D and 3D shapes.
  3. CNC engraving – This method of engraving is suitable for sheep tags, trophy engraving, tube engraving, aluminum labels, embossing and many more. CNC engraving works similarly to hand engraving although it is solely controlled by a computer instead of by hand. CNC is therefore ideal for engraving large batches as well as intricate designs. This engraving technique creates a deep mark in the material in a similar way to hand engraving. It has the potential to create 2D and 3D shapes, unlike laser engraving.      

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