How is link building changing with the changing landscape of content as per Google SEO?

The only way to power website traffic from organic search is by utilizing the power of link building. It is a smart combination of marketing skills, social skills, sales, and psychology. Good link building campaigns can change the face of a brand within months. It is as simple as securing the links from independent websites. A high number of links that point towards highly reliable and reputable sites often contributes to a higher ranking.

Here are the three most convincing reasons you need link building for your website –

  • Links are great for SEO. Google search engine swears by link building.
  • Links facilitate referral traffic.
  • They support marketing. Each link is like getting a vote of confidence from one website to another.

Google is switching its focus from short content to long-form content of about 800 words or 1200 words. There is a visible shift towards long-tailed keywords. These are also increasing the chances of any website to link a higher number of appropriate content from other sites quite easily. According to experts from Fudzology, it is as simple as expanding the same space to increase the probabilities of discovering pertinent linkable content.

Link building, relevance, and the Skyscraper

All we can conclude from these points is that links are most important for increasing traffic online. Any website that does not have links is going to suffer when it comes to referral traffic from other, related sites. Therefore, good link building can NEVER be accidental or off-handed. Good link building takes effort and planning.

The primary step of any link building technique is the promotion of your content. As per Brian Dean, the father of the Skyscraper Technique – you need to find content similar to your own in the same niche. Find the people who have already linked to the other content and reach out to them with a similar message. Since the existing piece of content is already so well-indexed by Google and liked by the audience that getting backlinks to your new content is not as difficult anymore.

Focus on broken links and dead link building strategies

In case you are trying to reenergize your old content, checking your webpage for broken links is another great option. This works for people with websites that have been functional for a while. You already have the content, you already have a list of websites that link to the content, and all you need to do is find out which links are not working anymore because the content has moved or the URL has changed!

Dead link building works quite well for new content as well. Find a website in your niche that has some links that are not active anymore. Contact the webmaster and explain that their links are not working anymore. Convince him to link the existing content with your website in place of the broken links. The idea is to provide content that is in the same genre as the replacement page. Asking the webmaster to link to your sales page is not effective in most cases!

Google always believes in relevance

Google does not like the irrelevant content or accidental content. For gaining brownie points from Google, you need to keep your link source relevant to the sink. Therefore, staying visible on Google will depend on how well your webpage is linking to other high ranking webpages of the same niche. The process is quite similar to Yahoo, Bing and Ask since all the leading search engines have similar algorithms. In case you have backlinks from strong but irrelevant websites, you must have noticed a significant rise in your visibility. However, this rise is only temporary. Once your competitors and successors secure links of similar strength from highly relevant sources, they will supersede your website in performance, visibility and Google PageRank.

In the end, it all makes sense

SEO and backlinking are closely knit. They are both continuous processes, and there are very few hacks that can help you or your SEO team in the long run. You need to invest in long-term SEO campaigns that can help boost the organic rank of your website in the Google SERPs. With each passing day, the quality of content, its topic and relevance are becoming more important to Google. This is in part due to the introduction of RankBrain and partially due to the domination of Voice Search. The websites with content that answers more questions bear more relevant content contain high-quality language, and links often find themselves in the higher ranks of the relevant search results.

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