List of improvements in the all new Microsoft .NET Framework

Microsoft has always been quite popular. Thanks to the umpteen number of web apps and websites that were built using Microsoft in the 1990s. It was just a basic platform for development that went on to become a very popular platform for full-fledgeddevelopment of the websites as well as apps. One can build unlimited number of web apps and websites in a hassle-free manner by taking help of a .NET development company.

Past Launches of Microsoft.Net platform:

You will be surprised to learn that it was in the early 21st century that a combination of shared technology resources was launched by Microsoft under their unmodified name.

It came all power-packed with the OOP support as well as DLL libraries which are all the fundamentals of.Net development services. However, it is to be noted that v1.0 was very much elementary in telling us that managed coding does exist.

Latest Releases of .NET Framework recently:

It is the original .NET framework that has been in constant limelight all these years. It was in the mid 2016 that Microsoft announced the v4.6.2.

We will be discussing about the major improvements in the Microsoft .NET v4.6.2 in this writeup.

To exactly tell about the number of bugs that were fixed, we can take it down to

1. Now login with face and fingerprint:

The latest .NET Framework release is called Windows Hello which was released on the Windows 10 anniversary day. This version is already included with the anniversary update. However, we have a bad news here that it will not show automatically on the “Programs and Features” of the installed apps. You will have to manually search for it to turn it on. This is possible by clicking on the “Turn Windows features on and off”. But keep in mind that it is all possible in the developer mode only. As you can take the advantages of these features when you are in developer mode.

Any developer can utilise the features of Windows Hello. When the update of this is installed, one can let the users login with the face and fingerprints. That is particularly the most important feature.

2. No Character Limitations now:
If you have been facing the below written error prompt which is:

TF270002: An error occurred copying files: The specified path, file name, or both are too long.

or even…

Unable to create folder.

Then we have got some great news for you! This issue was because of the fact that there was 260 character limitation, MAX_PATH. This was for NTFS in Windows. As the characters in the version we are talking about i.e; in the Microsoft .NET v4.6.2 have been changed and now are based on the Unicode Standard and that too Version 8.0.0. The error “path too long issue” with MSBuild definitions will no long be visible now.

3. Dependency Injection:
Next in the list of the improvements that have been introduced in the all new Microsoft .NET is the dependency injection. This is a kind of technique in Microsoft .NET in which one object provides the dependencies of another object. For all the codes, objects are decoupled. This is not a new technique in the Microsoft .NET framework. It has been used earlier in .NET development services. But, this time it has been introduced in ASP.NET Web Forms application development. Any .NET development company can use this technique or new introduction because in the previous version it was quite difficult for Web Forms in comparison to this new version 4.7.2.

Let’s have a look at what will it facilitate now:

●Interface-based, Setter-based and constructor-based injection in the development of web application in Handler, Page, Module, User control and Custom control support.

●Flexibility in supporting various dependency injections in the framework.

4. SameSite Cookie added in HTTP Cookie in v4.7.2:
This is a new property that has been added to the latest release of Microsoft .NET framework. SameSite is a property in the all new Microsoft framework 4.7.2. What is the function of this property and how it can be used in .NET development services to create a client project? Let us quickly look at it.

If HttpCookie.SameSite is set to SameSiteMode.Strict or SameSiteMode.Lax, ASP.NET will add a SameSite attribute into the set-cookie header.

There is a trifold support for SameSite cookie in this case:

●HttpCookie object
●SessionState cookies

5. Support for Ephemeral Key Set:
PFX import can optionally load private keys directly from memory, bypassing the hard drive. The X509KeyStorageFlags enumeration has a new member, EphemeralKeySet. When this flag is specified in an X509Certificate2 constructor or X509Certificate2Collection.Import method, the private keys will be loaded as ephemeral keys. This avoids keys being visible on the disk.

● Certificates loaded with this flag are not recommended to be added to an X509Store because the keys are not persisted to disk.

● Keys loaded in this manner will almost always be loaded via Windows CNG, therefore callers must access the private key via the extension methods – for e.g., cert.GetRSAPrivateKey(). The PrivateKey property on X509Certificate2 will not function.

● Since the legacy PrivateKey property will not work with certificates, developers are advised to perform rigorous testing before switching to EphemeralKeySet.

There is no doubt about the fact that Microsoft .NET is one of the most leading and most popular web programming languages these days. When you are going to hire a Microsoft .NET development company, make sure to check the experience of the company experts and developers. It is always a good idea to hire a professional company for .NET development services to let them handle your project.

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