Machine Learning – Is Python The Most Popular Language For Data Science?


Enterprise achievement presently relies on the capacity to extract the insights of knowledge from the remarkable data flow. This is where the data science fills its direction to help enterprises to see significance out of data and make vital decisions.

We require best tools to leverage strategies that can transform information into insights by way of visualization or reporting. There are few popular languages, for example, C, C++, Java & Javascript for influencing importance out of data. However popular languages like Python and R offer extreme value in machine learning and data science jobs to effective completion.

Which is the most popular programming language in the data science and machine learning field?

That is a very tricky questions to reply. With more languages giving truly necessary options to execute the data science employments, it is not simple task to select a particular language. But this data that gives peep into the languages that are creating progress in the data science world. Nothing can be as compiling as data revealing results identified with the comparison tools of data science. According to the KDnuggets survey on top data science analytic tools, R language top place in the list of tools. But what emerged was the % level of progress in the share of Python when compared to the earlier years.

Pythons increase the share more than 2015 rose by 51% demonstrating its impact as a mainstream data science tool.

Python Developing As The Leader :

There is fight out there occurring in the minds of trying data scientist to pick the best tool of data science. Though there are a significant number of data science tools that give the truly necessary option, the close battle limits between two most popular languages – R and Python.

Between the these two, Python is developing as the most popular language utilized more in the applications of data science.

Take the instance of the most tech giant Google that has made the deep learning system called tensorflow – The python is essential language, which is used for creating the framework system. It’s impression has continued on expanding in the conditions advanced by Netflix.

Python has different advantages that accelerate the upward swing to the highest point of data science tools. And it incorporates well with the cloud and in addition platform as service providers. In aiding multi-processing for the parallel computing, it brings the particular advantage of providing large scale execution in machine learning and data science. Python can also be an extended with different modules written in C and C++.

Where Python Turns Into The Ideal Fit :

There are customized circumstances where python is the best data science tool for the jobs. It is ideal when the data analysis include integration with web applications or when there is a need to consolidate statistical code into production database. The complete programming nature of the Python makers it an ideal fit for executing and implementing algorithms.

Its packages pull for particular data science jobs. These packages like SciPy, NumPy and Panda are produce great outcomes for data analysis jobs. While there is a requirement for graphics designs, Python’s develops as a good package, and for the machine learning tasks.

Why Python is Preferred over the other various Data Science tools.?

It is ‘Pythonic’ when the code is composed in a familiar and natural style. And apart from that, it is also known for different features that have caught the imaginations of the data science community.

Simple to learn:

The most appealing factor of python is, that anybody seeking to learn this language can learn it quickly and very easily. When contrasted to the other data science languages are like R, the Python promotes a less learning edge and scores over other by elevating an easy way to understand syntax.

Versatility :

When we compared to other languages are like R, Python has set up a lead by developing as a versatile language, and it is very faster than other learning languages like Stata and Matlab. Python’s versatility lies in the adaptability that it provides to solve the issues, as in case of youtube that completely migrated to python, it has come useful for various uses in various industries and for quick development of all kind applications.

Selection of the Data Science Libraries :

The critical factor giving the push for python is the assortment of data analytics and data science libraries made accessible for the aspirants. StatsModels, Pandas, SciPy, NumPy and Scikit-Learn, are few of the libraries. These well known in data science community. Python does not stop with that as the libraries have been developing over time. And what you thought was a year back would be addressed well by the Python with a powerful arrangement addressing to issues of a particular nature.

Python community

The one reason for the remarkable rise of python attributed to its ecosystem. And As Python enhance its reach to data science community, and increasing number of volunteers are making data science libraries. This has driven the path for creating the popular modern tools and handling in python.

Across the board and included community network promotes an simple access for the aspirants who need to find easy solutions for their coding issues. Whatever queries require, it is a click or a google search results away. Interesting aspirants can also discover access to experts on Stack Overflow and Codementor to find the correct solutions for their questions.

Visualization and Graphics :

Python come up with the various visualization options. Matplotlib gives the solid establishment around which different libraries like Pandas plotting, Seaborn, and ggplot have been constructed.

The packages of visualization helps you to get a decent sense of the data, and graphical plots, creating charts, and make web ready interactive plots.

Final Thought :

Data science landscape is evolving rapidly, and the tools utilized for extracting the value from data science have additionally developed in numbers. The two most popular languages that fight for the best spot are Python and R. Both are admired by the enthusiasts, and both come up with their weaknesses and strengths. But the most popular tech giants are like Google showing the best approach to use Python and with learning curve that made short and simple, it crawls ahead to become the most famous language in data science world.


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