Numbering PDF Files – Smart Way to Insert Bates Numbers in PDF

Know Two Best Solutions For Numbering PDF Files

PDF page numbering is not just to insert bates numbers in PDF files rather it is the best way to guide readers through a document. Also, enabling them to quickly access to the most valuable parts of a massive content. Numbering PDF files would not be a hard task for you once you have gone through this article because it will provide the best guideline. So, here in this blog, we will provide two best solutions which help the user to perform PDF page numbering.

Insert Bates Numbers in PDF Files Using Adobe Acrobat Pro

Adobe Acrobat Pro allows the user to create, edit, manage and share PDF documents. Moreover, it can be used for numbering PDF files. For this user have to follow some useful steps:

1- Firstly, start Adobe Acrobat Pro
2- Then, open PDF file in which you want to add page number
3- Click on Advanced option & select Document Processing

4- From the Document processing menu select the Number Pages option
5- Now, the Page Numbering dialogue box opens

a) Select the page range for the title page and table of contents. Then under style, select the style of page number
b) Once you click OK, the page range selected by the user will display at the top of the screen, and the first page of the actual document will reflect the number at the top of PDF file
6- After this, select the Document option
7- Click on Header & Footer & hit Add button
8- The Header and Footer dialogue box will open
9- Options like Left Header Text, Centre Header Text, Right Header Text, Left Footer Text, Center Footer text, Right Footer text are displayed, choose any option where you would like the page numbers to appear

10- Then, click on Insert Page Number button
11- The page number and date can be customized using Page Number and Date Format options
12- Lastly, click on Page Range Options to select the on which page numbering should start

Limitations of Manual Solution For Numbering PDF Files

In the above, we have described above the manual technique to insert bates numbers in PDF files. But it has some limitations like:
1- The method is lengthy and time-consuming
2- Requires high technical knowledge
3- Installation of Adobe Acrobat is mandatory

Automated Approach to Insert Bates Numbers in PDF Files

There are professional solutions available on the market that can help the user to perform numbering PDF files. These are automated tools designed specifically for PDF page numbering. It is often than manual methods do not work. Professional Software like PDF bates Numberer can help replace those unreliable means. These applications are accurate, efficient and user-friendly. It is a small cost for numbering PDF files with guaranteed no data loss. The tool does not require the installation of Adobe Acrobat for PDF bates numbering. Moreover, it also provides the option to add prefix or suffix along with bates number. Also, users can easily add some additional text and set its position. After, the numbering PDF files users can save the resultant PDF document at any desired location. The file name could be the original file name or the first bates number.


Like any other document, PDF files also need the page number. Basically, numbering PDF files helps the user to sort the document properly. It keeps track of their advancement while reading the PDF file. However, without the page number, it becomes very difficult to find any topic within PDF. Hence, to resolve this problem we come up with the two best solutions i.e. manual & automated. With the manual solution, user can perform PDF page numbering but it is quite lengthy and time-consuming. So, to overcome manual limitations we have also discussed the professional solution that can easily insert bates in PDF document in just a few clicks.

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