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by Emily on March 1, 2018

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If you want to know how to build an online platform for ecommerce business, you can’t do it without the OMS. This article will tell you about the most effective and convenient online marketplace software for developing your idea and making it a profitable project.

Marketplace development of multi-sided online platform

Airbnb, Amazon, Uber, AliExpress, eBay, Etsy – these projects are real heroes of our time. The possibilities of these sites are used by millions of people, and it is difficult to find a smartphone that doesn’t have installed an application of any marketplace. Multi vendor platforms offer everything you can think of: consumer products, foods, professional services, real estate, freelance jobs, sports, education, transportation, data, mobile app, graphic elements, etc. It’s hard to come up with ideas for customer satisfaction, which are not yet embodied in ecommerce.

Nevertheless, if you seriously decide to build an online marketplace business, so the meticulous strategic planning will help to bring your website to the top and get a stable profit. But first, you need to create a custom platform and the CRM to manage it. Professional programming and further management require large investments and long cooperation with developers and advisors. However, there is a more simple and quick way to create and run a customizable marketplace from scratch with expert knowledge, and details about the ready-made software can be found at But now let’s talk a little about how online marketplace development determines the success of trading websites.

Online marketplace development for MVP creation

Suppose that you have discovered the real problems of your users and came up with solutions for them. A good idea is the first step towards creating a multi-user platform.

To test your idea, you need to design a minimally viable product (MVP) and make sure that your project solves the main problem of your users, not only in theory but in reality. After starting and receiving feedback from customers, you will redesign and finalize the platform. So, it should be as customizable and scalable as possible.

To develop an MVP, you need to hire a professional designer, a programmer builder, a web marketer (like most companies do) or use a ready-made software solution for building a multi vendor online marketplace (Online Marketplace Software). And you will not find a more effective implementation than the Online Marketplace Software by Rademade.

Opportunities OMS by Rademade

A properly designed MVP contains a minimal set of functions. This is the so-called core version. It must contain:

  • Admin dashboard
  • Filtering and sorting items
  • Tools for managing categories, vendors, products
  • Items и Orders management tools.

Your platform must be SEO optimized and integrated with Google Analytics for analysis and promotion. You will need an application for iPhone and Android to become user-friendly. All these possibilities you get with the OMS. And only after launching your marketplace and receiving first tractions, you will learn about the real needs of your sellers and buyers. This information is necessary for customization and expansion of the platform.

Marketplace customization, marketing and growth

Integrated marketplace development includes the whole system of large and small transformations. All of them are aimed at the convenience of using the platform for each peer and ultimately to build a community around the marketplace’s niche. A prime example is Fuqua Development agency (Atlanta). This corporate builds realty, which becomes homes for many people and at the same time improves the surrounding area.

What should you do to let your marketplace provide value for users?
Online Marketplace Software by Rademade offers the features you need:

  • Geolocation and map
  • Chat for communication between users
  • Calendar for date/time management
  • Different business plugins
  • Payment systems for different business model
  • The rating system for each vendor.

OMS assumes a special script for all these and some other functions. In addition, we are ready to help you implement additional expected or unexpected properties for customization.

Thus, the ready-made Online Marketplace Software by Rademade will become a personal developer of your company and help to build your own marketplace for any niche, launch it and lead to success.


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